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Yearly Archives: 2010

what’s old is new again

I’m a jewelry junky. I admit it. I’ve had a “serious” problem with it in the past, however, in the essence of saving money–or rather–not having the excess to spend like usual (lol), I’ve stayed away from the shopping malls, the boutiques, and the QVCs of the world. As an alternative, I’m pulling out earrings […]

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still here

Just taking it a little easy during this spring break. I say that relatively as I’ve been cleaning as well as working part of the time. Got a good chunk of Zach’s room done over the weekend. Listened to conference while working on it Saturday. Funny that some of you had the same kind of […]

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i must be weird

So we actually have today off from work for Good Friday. Our parent company is based in California and this is a holiday they chose to allow their workers to take time off for. Having been working like crazy lately (never seems to stop, does it), I can’t tell you how excited I am to […]

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such a loser!

Man, I’ve been going to share some photos that my son sent for days now. Yeah, it’s Thursday . . .  I know. I’ve also got some photos of Jordan’s play to share too. Been catching a couple of the matinees this week to get some good photos for their memorabilia. There just aren’t enough […]

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somebody stop me!

I don’t think I’ve made this many pages in a week since my QVC days! lol My son recently sent some photos (it’s about time!). I LOOOOOVE this photo he sent and had to use it on a page (the big one). He also e-mailed me with something really sweet about how he’s growing. I […]

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feeling lucky

So, because it’s St. Patrick’s Day today, it inspired me to make a page about my family and just how lucky I am to have them in my life. I’m using the new fonts that are up in the Silhouette store. That’s right, FONTS! [Fonts: LD This & That (highlight words), LD Remington Portrait (journaling). […]

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i remember this moment very well

[Shapes: leaf_branch_C00009_27205, phrase_fresh_2463, borderlines_2405] I can just taste those juicy apples in my mouth! Oh, they were so divine! Six more months to eat them again. Gotta be fall. Need that cool crisp infusion of flavor. mmmmmmm….. I do believe I have a disease. I can’t break away from white backgrounds! I just love how […]

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