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I Could Do This Again

Do you ever have a great moment that you just want to repeat? Something so simple, yet it just fills you up with nothing but contentment?

That would be this moment in DC.

wahsington monument night web

Having a photographing family, you just had to figure one or more people would want to take night photos down at the National Mall. Zach and Kass took turns with the tripod to capture some great photos. But after spending a few moments photographing Abe, I sat on the top steps of the Lincoln Memorial, behind a column so I wouldn’t get tripped over in the ‘darkness’, with Jordy-girl sitting next to me, sat my camera on my knees, held as still as possible, and took this shot. Well, I took a few more, but this is one of them that turned out pretty darn well.

And if you look to the right you’ll see three green dots. I call them orbs. Having a husband who has enjoyed watching Ghost Hunters, we were calling them the spirits of DC past. Perhaps Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson were hanging around. ;)

There wasn’t much else that we did but sit on the steps and talk about history and all sorts of stuff.

I loved it. 

If I could go back and do it again just to sit on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, I’d do it. I don’t need a phone, I don’t need a book. Just sit and soak it in.

Some people enjoy relaxing on the beach.

I liked relaxing here.

I liked soaking it in and truly appreciating where we were at.

What a moment.

I’m ready to do it again.

Jeanene - November 5, 2014 - 7:49 am

I think the view of the Mall from the Lincoln Memorial is one of my favorite spots on the planet. You can’t help but feel inspired.

3kidmama - November 5, 2014 - 12:23 pm

That is one view I have always longed to see! What a precious country we have been blessed with – thanks for sharing this, today!

Lori - November 5, 2014 - 12:46 pm

This is practically my backyard! It is awe-inspiring and glorious–yet sometimes I forget that because it is right here (why do we do that?!). Thanks for the reminder! I am glad to hear that it was such a special memory for you and your family. I feel blessed to be raising my family in such a historical and beautiful location.

vicki - November 5, 2014 - 9:01 pm

WOW! Truly amazing!

Marla - November 5, 2014 - 10:32 pm

Beautiful picture!!! Looks like you had the perfect night to sit out there soaking up all the history. I have always wanted to visit Washington DC, but know I will not be able to go. Thank you for sharing your trip!

ana roat - November 8, 2014 - 7:26 am

i had a moment like this at Yellowstone this past summer while watching a bear cross a valley. All went quiet and for a brief moment life stood still. While watching I thought about how mighty this bear was and how many more of his type had crossed this very valley so many years ago. What a beautiful country and rich history we have.

Your picture is simply amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Recording Halloween

Now that the costumes+candy has passed, what are you going to do with all those photos? Well, I think we can help ya with that here.

Take a look at what Nichol has done for the photos of the ghosts+goblins in her home.


[ Designs | This+That: All Hallows Eve (spiderweb, witch hat, spider, pumpkin, broom) / This Is Halloween (skull) / This+That: Halloween (witch boots) /  Halloween Freebie / Decade 2000 (2008, twothousandandeight) / Monthlies (october) / Weathered Door Alphabet (B, P, E) / This+That: School (books) / This+That: Autumn (scale, pumpkin, apple) / Picture That: Squared

Can I just say, fabulous! Photo templates are so perfect for multiple photos. It keeps your layout clean, yet so fun with more than just a photo or two. The photo template makes it ‘one photo.’ And nobody can create a scene better than our Miss Nichol. Love the scale…the houndstooth, laced-up witches boots…the web subtly in the background of the whole page…just all of it. It’s like Where’s Waldo. You have to inspect every little thing to see all the yumminess.

Here’s what Nichol has to say:

I love creating fun scenes with Kerri’s die cut shapes and word art for my scrapbook pages. Since we just had  Halloween I thought I’d work on our families Halloween Cosumes MIni Album. This two-page 8×8 spread is from 2008. I used one of Kerri’s photo templates to make adding lots of photos on a smaller format a snap and created a Halloween scene on the left side of the layout spread combining lots of fun Halloween (and non-Halloween) elements for visual interest! I layered the year and month die cuts over one of the photos on the right side of the layout and stapled vellum die cut monograms over my kids’ photos as well. I printed journaling on a white paper strip and attached it over the photo collage to complete my page.

Judy Stiles - November 4, 2014 - 7:26 am

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this layout by Nichol and will be making a similar layout for my grandkids’ Halloween pics for this year! Kerri, your images from the this+that kits are perfect for this!

ana roat - November 8, 2014 - 7:29 am


Confetti | A Sprinkle of Fun Wherever You Go


I’m so excited to be sharing this new kit with you all! It’s been on my to-do list for a few months now. But what’s great about it coming out now is that it’s perfect timing to be coming out for the holiday season! Because look at what you can do with it!


How awesome would that 4×6 transparent card be in your Project Life / December Daily Christmas album???

I knew I wanted to do this with my Silhouette gold vinyl on a transparency, but it’s been a while since I’ve bought transparencies. I’d forgotten how expensive they are! Granted, I had a box last me several years because I don’t use them that often, but I was not keen on spending $45 at the moment.

As Winnie The Pooh would say, “Think. Think. Think.”

Anything transparent would work, really. And not only that, you could put it directly onto the page protector. But I wanted flexibility. So I had two options that came to mind. One, cut up a page protector and use that. Or two, use this Bazzill plastic paper.


Of course, in the end, the ‘plastic paper’ is more expensive than the transparency, but I bought these a few months ago and still had yet to use them….so I thought, why not?

And it’s really easy to make using vinyl, because all you need is transfer paper to pick it up from the vinyl backing and place it down on your ‘paper’.


I’m in love with this! Now I need to do the circles in silver vinyl. :)

You could also cut it from cardstock and use the ‘negative space’ as a background. Or use that background as a mask for misting. Lots of possibilities.

It comes in 12×12, 8.5×11, 6×4 and 3×4 in stars, circles, squares and triangles…which also would be amazing for trees!

Can’t wait to put it into an album.

It’s all the fun of confetti…without the mess.


And in case you haven’t signed up yet,
this starts next Monday!


Kathleen D - November 3, 2014 - 6:00 am

This is so pretty! But how did you place all those little pieces? Seems like it would take forever.

Kerri - November 3, 2014 - 6:10 am

You use transfer paper with vinyl, so that easily picks it up and puts it down. I added a photo of the process for that so that it’s a little…pardon the pun…clearer. ;)

Kathleen D - November 4, 2014 - 5:39 am

Oh this is awesome! Definitely going to buy! Thanks for the extra photo Kerri.

Marilyn - November 4, 2014 - 6:38 am

I did not know there was such a thing, I will have to check out “plastic paper”. Love your design and how you used it!

[…] Confetti design that Kerri recently released is absolutely perfect! I used it in EXACTLY the way she demonstrated…with gold vinyl. And it’s gorgeous! I think it’s the perfect addition to this […]

Halloween Freebie

Have you recovered from the sugar overload?

I’m talking about you, not your kids. ;)

Let’s just say we have a few leftovers due to my insecurities as to whether or not we ever have enough.

I’m sure you have a few photos to document and so I have a little freebie for you today!


It comes in the PNG file as well as cut files so you can alter colors, if needed.

To download this–forever free–click the image or click HERE.

Oh. Yeah. 
Hello November!

One more thing, in honor of it being International Digital Scrapbook Day,
the Fabulous Fall Sale is being extended through today.


Sally - November 1, 2014 - 8:32 am

Thank you, Kerri!

Last Minute Halloween Decor

All Hallows’ Eve.

It’s today.

Are you going crazy with costume mania?

Got some festivities a-happenin’ at your haunted little house?

Need a quick, last-minute spook-tacular home decor idea?

Check out what Nichol has made!
It’ll knock your witchy-poo socks off for sure!


[ Designs | Something Wicked ]

These are just completely awesome! I even showed it to my BFF, because she wanted to do the same thing–particularly with the Full Moon quote.


Here’s what Nichol has to say to us on this fine Halloween:

Last Christmas I discovered how awesome Kerri’s Print and Cuts look printed on Silhouette Printable Cotton Canvas to make my own framed word art. Kerri’s newest kit, Something Wicked, is perfect for creating your own spooky Halloween decor. I placed my canvas prints in weathered wood frames to match the Halloween decor in our home. This is literally a 10 minute project that adds so much to your seasonal holiday decorations! And I absolutley love how they turned out!

Me too, Nichol. Me too. :)

Have a wonderful Halloween everyone! Don’t get too sick on candy. And I just have to add, this is the one night of the year where I know what we’re having for dinner…chili dogs. Love that I don’t have to hear, ‘What’s for dinner?’

Dolly - October 31, 2014 - 8:02 am

Awesome! both the designs and Nichols examples!!

Michelle - October 31, 2014 - 2:08 pm

Where can I get the B fr Bones with the skeleton graphic(s)? I didn’t see it on Kerri’s graphic set. Otherwise, I think the designs are awesome!

Kerri - October 31, 2014 - 3:22 pm

If you’re talking about the B/Bones print in general, it’s there. If you’re talking about the letter ‘B/b’ itself, it’s just a random font…something like Georgia.

The Fruits of our Labor

farm apple web

There is nothing more peaceful and lovely than spending time on the farm in the fall. And if you can top it off with an awesome harvest of Golden Delicious Apples?

it’s pure heaven.

Earlier this month we took a trip up to our family farm to pick apples. It is one of my most favorite memories of the farm. I spent a few falls there during my youth as well as weekend trips up as I got older and started raising my own family.

There’s nothing better than being able to pick an apple right off the tree. I do have my favorites.


Sadly Jordan couldn’t come up so my sister and her daughter drove up with me and Kass this go around. My younger brother came up that morning.

I think we were all in awe at the apples.

Isn’t it funny how something so simple as eating an apple straight from a tree can be so amazing?

We did a little sorting as we went. There were boxes for yellow, green and one with a bird peck or two. 

apple boxes

And the apples weren’t the only thing in abundance. Check out these grapes!

grapes 1
grapes 2

Everywhere you look on the farm…it’s a thing of beauty.

I love it here.

trees above
trees and field
trees back path

One last ‘fall’ note.

This ends tomorrow. Have you stocked up? :)


Dolly - October 30, 2014 - 6:17 am

Looks lovely Kerri!

Tracy - October 30, 2014 - 2:22 pm

Kerri, I’m pretty new to your site and I’m so glad I found it!! The apples look yummy! I’m not sure if you make applesauce or not but if you’re interested get yourself a Victorio Food Strainer & Sauce Maker…hands down the best and easiest way to make applesauce. We did two bushels in 3 hours and that was set up to clean up. Nothing better than homemake applesauce…one batch is cinnamon and one is vanilla. Our freezer is full! : )

Halloween Flashback

Thought I’d pop in real quick with a Halloween Flashback. Sharing one of my favorite pages I’ve made. Clean and simple. Recording a snippet of our Halloween traditions + fall favorites.

What are your favorite Halloween traditions?


[ Designs | Weathered Door (october) / Tree+Year from Graphically Speaking Cricut cartridge ]

Marilyn - November 1, 2014 - 9:11 am

Love this, so simple, but yet so nice! Thank you for sharing, may have to do something similar!

For The Love Of Pockets….and Fall.

As you may have seen, I created my album for the Here There Everywhere class using pocket scrapbooking–Project Life style. Believe it or not, that was my first real major undertaking using pocket scrapbooking. I whole-heartedly believe in the Project Life (pocket scrapbooking) way of life. I’ve even created three kits and continue to create art for pocket pages here on my site. Oh, and speaking of, did you catch the brand new Something Wicked kit that I shared on social media yesterday? :)


(psst…now is a good time to pick this up during the fabulous fall sale!)


I love the simplicity of it all and the fact that you can add a little flair if you want. I love how it’s clean and grid-like. Makes it so visually appealing.

I just don’t do it. Or rather, I never seem to get a whole lotta ‘scrapping’ done by either method.

I need to change this.

I need to document.

I need to get those photos printed and out for people to see and remember. I love Artifact Uprising’s motto–Off your device and into your life.

I know that Project Life will help me with that.

It’s always on my mind to do, but I never get ‘er done.

why is that?

Okay, maybe it’s because there never seems to be enough hours in the day. But I think I need to make a priority of it. Heck, I even bought my Epson PictureMate Charm to help facilitate that.

Well, maybe I shouldn’t be too hard on myself because I did manage to document most of my travel for 2013 in pocket form, and I’m pretty stoked about it.

I just need to do it more.

Now I suppose you’re wondering, why all the introspection, MIss Kerri?

Well, between yesterday and today’s yumminess, it just motivates me even more. Check out this lovely pocket-page spread our Layle did today and read her comments along the visual way. (Links to the kits she used are included in her text.)

Truth is, I have a really rough time scrapping events.  Doesn’t matter what they are – birthdays, holidays, you name it and I struggle.  Recently I think I figured out a way around it – I started pocket page scrapbooking about a year ago.  Lo and behold, that process makes it super easy for me to scrapbook events!  I love pocket page scrapbooking, it’s the perfect method, for a single photo scrapper like me, to get lots of pictures scrapped!  Case in point, this pocket page spread documenting my mother in law’s annual Halloween party from last weekend. 

Week 42 - full

I fit 8 photos on this spread; that would have taken me 8 separate layouts if I kept to my old ways!


Week 42 - left

On the left side of my spread, I used the spider web from Kerri’s Foundations: Trick or Treat kit.  I sized it to 6×6, then cut off the top 2 inches of the cut in order for it to fit in the pocket page.  

Week 42 - web close up

I inserted the cut directly into the pocket page without placing anything behind it, that way it looks see through, like a real spider web.  I also used Sunday from the Seven Days a Week kit.


Week 42 - right

The kids spent a good amount of time at the party carving pumpkins, so the right side of my spread focused on that.  I used the pumpkins cut file from the All About Fall kit and then cut the pumpkin from the This and That: All Hallows Eve Just Shapes kit.

Week 42 - pumpkins close up

To wrap things up and tie the two pages together, I cut a few bats from the This and That: All Hallows Eve Just Shapes kit and adhered them directly to the top/outside of the pockets.

One of the greatest thing about pocket page Scrapbooking is the number of fun cut files you can include without it looking cluttered, like it might on a 12×12 page!


I absolutely adore this spread! But I especially looooove the spider web in its own pocket!!! I need to do that! And the mix of ‘handwritten’ (cut) words? fab.

Okay then. These two girls this week have motivated me to make a page. I’ve cut out some things and have some things that I’ve been holding onto so I can record our memories from our little excursion to the Uintas last month.

I feel a spread coming on….

scrappysue - October 28, 2014 - 10:40 am

I LOVE these pages! Never thought to sew on PL cards and add tags; super inspired, thank you :) Probably my fav Halloween spreads ever!

Marilyn - October 29, 2014 - 6:22 am

I have never taken on the Project Life method of scrapbooking, not sure why, but I do see it in my future! I have too many projects to finish! Thank you for sharing!