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stamping a scene | homecoming style

When the ever-so lovely Miss Nichol asked if I wanted to participate with her Two Peas Scrapbook Stamping series, of course I had to say yes! I mean, how often do I get to do something for her? October’s subject was all about making a scene. Now, when I think of  a ‘scene’, my mind doesn’t […]

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Dolly/scrapthat - October 4, 2011 - 8:56 am

Fabulous LO Kerri!! I love your stamping :) Nichol has definitely inspired me to stamp more often also :)

Lynsey - October 4, 2011 - 8:56 am

Do you have a place for people to show what they have done with your products?

Lynsey - October 4, 2011 - 8:57 am

Ps lovely lo and nichol has also inspired me and how I found your lovely products in the first place.

Kerri - October 4, 2011 - 9:17 am

Hey Lynsey!
There is a Flickr group for anyone who’d like to share what they’ve been making. You can find that here: . Also, I’m in the process of setting up a gallery for the pages and projects shared on the blog to make it easier than following a Category link. It’s comin’…. :) In the interim, you can use the Category link to find things by artist or project style (page, card, etc.).

Cori in WA - October 4, 2011 - 10:15 am

Love it! Lots of photos, great title and words and die cuts all in one fell swoop (or on one fantastic page)? Makes a girl swoon.

Sandra K. - October 4, 2011 - 1:00 pm

Great layout, Kerri. I love using my stamps on layouts now, thanks to Nichol! It is so much fun.

Sandra :)

vera rhuhay - October 4, 2011 - 7:42 pm

Wow…Fabulous LO,Kerri! Both of you are amazing!

Sue FitzGerald - October 4, 2011 - 8:01 pm

Gorgeous Miss Kerri, I love seeing your layouts and pics of your beautiful babies :-)

Nichol Magouirk - October 4, 2011 - 9:06 pm

you are incredible, my dear! LOVE it so much!!! xo

Kerri - October 5, 2011 - 8:47 am

Thanks everyone! :)

Rhadonda - October 5, 2011 - 10:27 am

Super cool layout. And so unique with the browns and blacks. Love it. And how fun does this guy sound? Penny corsage? Where in the world…what a creative mind. What crazy and fun memories in the making.

say what #2

Goodness gracious. Sooooo much going on these days. Got some big things a-goin’ on. I’m just gonna tease you with that for a bit . . . ’cause I like to tease. :) But maybe a new kit will offset the taunting for today. Will it? Here is Say What #2:  [SVG/STUDIO/AIv8/DXF/PNG] Price: $9 TTFN!

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Scrapthat - August 2, 2011 - 12:31 pm

Uber cool!! I hope to get this one SOON!

caroline - August 2, 2011 - 2:56 pm

Love it. Big fan of cursive (what a weird, old fashioned word!) mixed with bold print fonts.

hsedgwick - August 2, 2011 - 4:48 pm

Say what? Teasing us again? Merciless ( : Great new kit of course. You. Are. Amazing. Will you be getting the new Cameo? Just curious.

Kerri - August 2, 2011 - 5:39 pm

I would like to some day. But for now, my SD does me just fine. I don't do 12×12 anymore, so it's not as much of an issue for me.

And Caroline, I love mixing cursive and block fonts too! :)

Dayami - August 5, 2011 - 10:06 pm

Keri, this is absolutely gorgeous!!! Definitely one I'll be buying soon ;)

the ol’ ballgame

‘Alright all you baseball fans out there . . . ‘ (said in my announcer voice) Ask and ye shall receive! I’ve had quite a few requests for a baseball kit, and here she be! As you can see, there’s a softball and tee-ball version of the stacked words because, ya know, we all don’t […]

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caroline - July 13, 2011 - 3:52 pm

Oh, I'm so excited! I've got such fantastic pictures from this season, now I can hardly wait to dig in!
YAY KERRI! Thank you!

oginger - July 13, 2011 - 4:09 pm

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beth - July 13, 2011 - 4:29 pm

OH, if you come out with a kit for football I will be SOOOO mad! Why? Because I just finished football albums for both DS and DD (she was a manager)!! Hmmm…aren't there a few more baseball layouts I need to do from, oh, like ten years ago? LOL! Kerri, I just love everything you do!

Teri Berrios - July 13, 2011 - 5:00 pm

OH YEAH BABY!! My pictures are set aside for this :) THANK YOU KERRI!!! Hugs, T

Ellie A. - July 13, 2011 - 5:30 pm


Rhadonda - July 13, 2011 - 7:55 pm

Well of course you hit a homerun with this kit!!! wink wink These will be great as my daughter played high school softball and my husband now coaches softball too (though i haven't taken many pictures of him) Sweet. Thanks.

Kerri - July 13, 2011 - 8:19 pm

You guys are all so cute! And beth…I'm not sayin' nuttin' about any potential football kit. ;)

luvmysilhouette - July 14, 2011 - 1:04 am


Darlene Melvin - July 14, 2011 - 2:17 am

Soccer and Volleyball PLEAZZZEEE. I love this baseball kit but my girlies don't play – but soccer and volleyball would be some KB awesomeness. Thanks for all the cool stuff you create – LOVE it!!

Kerri - July 14, 2011 - 2:46 am

Thanks Terri! And Darlene, I will put those on my list. :)

Courtney - July 14, 2011 - 3:31 am

I would LOVE basketball, volleyball and soccer

Heather Crawford - July 14, 2011 - 1:52 pm

YAY! I have so many softball/baseball fact, I have a layout that was sitting to the side needing a title for this first homerun! Awesome! Your kits/art are the best!


caroline - July 14, 2011 - 2:08 pm

I think we need to organize a Kerri Bradford design blog hop. I am dying to see what everyone creates with these kits. Plus, I love me a deadline. ;)

Lynne - July 15, 2011 - 3:25 pm

Yeah!! I must have this!!

decade: 2000

I’ve had several requests for an addition to the twentyTEN and twentyELEVEN kits . . . for the first decade of this new millennium. Thus, here is the Decade: 2000 kit. [Comes in SVG/STUDIO/DXF/AIv8/PNG] Price: $10 Since this is all 10 years (2000-2009) wrapped up into one kit, I only included the years, excluding the […]

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Rhadonda - July 11, 2011 - 10:06 pm

well now that is one category that i can be in with my kids. We are all born in the 1900's. Too funny. And i will remind them that when they have kids that their kids will give them a really hard time about being born in another century. Thanks for the newest kits. these are great.

borderlines #3

Ohhhhh, that silly ol’ brain of mine. Today . . . it’s Saturday for cryin’ out loud. Who should be workin’ on a Saturday?  But . . . ya know, ya just gotta roll with it, I guess. This is what spilled out of my head for today. [Comes in SVG/STUDIO/DXF/AIv8/PNG) Price: $7 Okay, so […]

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[...] Layout: Escape Kit, T&T Summertime Shapes Only Kit, This & That Family Shapes Only, Borderlines 3 Kit [...]

and the rest of ‘just shapes’

As promised today . . . here are the ‘Just Shapes’ from Halloween, Gratitude, Winter and Freedom This & That kits. Remember, these are the same shapes that are in the full This & That kits. I’ve just compiled the shapes only into a kit for those who don’t want the printables or that don’t […]

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Rhadonda - June 30, 2011 - 7:45 pm

Even though i bought all the kits i am saving these pictures to my "kerri" folder because it is a great preview of the shapes in the kit! And i have the newest kit cut and i am so excited. I finally figured out if i slow the speed to 1 on my Silhouette i get great cuts. Double cut was not working well for me. Probably my cardstock. When i go through what i have i will invest in American Crafts.

Kerri - July 2, 2011 - 4:06 pm

Rhadonda….that's a great idea! It's nice to have a quick reference of the kits on hand like that.

And I'm glad you were able to get the cutting thing workin' for ya.

this+that: freedom

Did you ever just have one of those days? Why is it my ‘days’ are always when I’m trying to get one of these kits done? I swear, I can never have a ‘smooth sailing’ this&that kit process. Why is that??? Today’s adventure began when I needed a couple of inks so I could print […]

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Rhadonda - June 29, 2011 - 2:02 am

Amazing. This is so eye popping bright and fun. And the matchbox….genius i say. Wow! For the life i me i don't remember that tuna commercial. Maybe they were just aired in certain areas. Catchy tune though.

Creative Dee - June 29, 2011 - 9:53 am

Finally! I am leaving a comment….sorry I have been amazed by your wonderful blog for so so long now, but after reading pages and pages – just leave because it gets late. Thanks so much for all you do and I am extremely happy to say I too am the proud owner of a Silhouette – as of today :)Thanks to your wonderful design and info about it, I am looking forward to taking it out the box and making heaps of your designs :) Kind regards Denise in Australia

Kerri - June 29, 2011 - 1:29 pm

Thanks so much Denise! Glad to 'see' ya here!
Have fun with your new toy!
It's definitely addicting!

And thank you too Rhadonda. You are always so sweet. :)

dawnelaine - June 29, 2011 - 2:07 pm

I have just finished printing and trimming this kit, and I have to take a moment to BRAG on your tray prints (if you don't mind!). Your printables are so intense and ornate – literally miniature works of art! The last few kits I have been printing and trimming an extra copy of each print file just to use as journaling tags on scrapbook pages. They are that gorgeous!

I remember the Bumble Tuna commercial! And those bikes, we called them "spider bikes" – I am not sure why!! My favorite commercial of the day was, "Meet the Swinger, Polaroid Swinger…"- a very catchy tune! I googled it just to reminisce – I guess "swinger" has a different connotation nowadays…Definitely not something you would want your little girl singing while riding her spider bike!

Love the kit!! Thanks so much for having it ready for the 4th!!

Becky - June 29, 2011 - 2:53 pm

I think each kit just gets better and better. Thank you so much.


Whilst preparing for the new This & That Freedom kit, I’ve been creating a few other ideas that won’t necessarily work within the kit . . . but they sure make a fun kit on their own! :) [Comes in SVG/STUDIO/DXF/AIv8/PNG] Price: $7 The big word border is meant to be cut larger–I’d say at […]

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Teri Berrios - June 24, 2011 - 4:13 pm

OMG I LOVE IT!!!! Your designs are just amazing Kerri!! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Hugs, T

Rhadonda - June 24, 2011 - 7:30 pm

Awesomeness for sure!!! Why does my jaw always drop when i see your creations? Great job as usual my friend. Off to pay pal

Kerri - June 27, 2011 - 2:09 pm

Thanks guys! :)