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Fun With Fuji

I cannot tell you how much I am loving my new Fuji-XT10! I’m still learning the ins and outs of it all, gettingView full post »

Telling Stories With Your Smart Phone

This morning I stumbled across a video about taking photos with your smart phone–and in this case, an iPhoneView full post »

The Pancake: It’s Not Just For Breakfast

My son enjoys spending money–or enjoys dreaming of what he’s going to spend money on. (It’s true Zach, and youView full post »

The Story Behind The Photo

Not too long ago I took this photo of our dog, Otis. He was looking way too cute not to take the photo. So, of courseView full post »

Photography + Lessons Learned The Hard Way

One of my favorite parts of New Orleans was going to Lafayette Cemetery, which is locoed in the Garden District. ForView full post »

SLR vs. iPhone

A few weeks ago we took a Sunday drive up to the Mirror Lake in the Uinta mountains. We hadn’t been there for aView full post »

send me a postcard

Postcards are great to pick up while on a trip. You can often find a great slice of life where you are without actuallyView full post »

photo app • vsco cam

I’m just a sucker for photo fun. Usually it’s more so on my computer, but I do dabble in iPhone fine art. A fewView full post »

take advantage of the moment

It’s early in the morning here in Florida and I guess I’d put my eight hours of sleep in, even thoughView full post »

it’s a sky thing . . . and a radlab thing too.

I don’t know if it’s that I just haven’t seen enough of it this year or I haven’t gone onView full post »

giveaway and an iphoto ooh+aah moment

First off, I just want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes! I had a very nice, relaxing and scenic day. WhichView full post »

more rad lab fun + coupon + giveaway!

You know, as I wrote that title, I was just beside myself! We have quite a day in store today! A couple weeks ago IView full post »

how rad lab can rock your photo world

Our big birthday celebration is quickly coming to a close.sadness. One more day for the sale and you have untilView full post »

giveaway: the phone photography project

I have this thing about learning. I love figuring things out and I love learning new things. But I’m not alwaysView full post »

my favorite camera apps  |  pic.tap.go

Pic.Tap.Go. is by far my favorite ever since it came out. I’ve been a huge Totally Rad Action girl for a fewView full post »

my favorite camera apps  |  camera noir

Over the past little bit I’ve been stocking up on some photo apps. Okay, maybe ‘stocking up’ is a bitView full post »

my thoughts on the canon 7d

A few months ago I felt it was time to upgrade my 5-year old Canon Rebel XTi. It’s not that was a bad littleView full post »

more of the happy couple

So a while back I shared a few photos of my nephew and his then fiance (now his wife). I didn’t want to share tooView full post »

my new vintage fave

Been editing photos for my nephew’s wedding coming up soon. Serendipitied across this combination of LightroomView full post »

photo editing according to moi

First and foremost, I have to say I am no expert in the world of photography and editing. When all is said and done, IView full post »

capitol reef: star trails

One of the really great things about going on a photography excursion isthat you get to try things you’ve neverView full post »

nsd: it’s all about the photos!

Goodness gracious.Where do I even start today??? So many things to share! When it comes to scrapbooking, there are twoView full post »

florence photo: the progression

As promised, I’m sharing the before-during-and-after editing of my Florence bridge. So this is the originalView full post »

stage photography

So, I’ve gotten some questions about taking stage photography, and while I’m definitely no expert,View full post »

feature it

Ahhh . . .  been playing with the ol’ storyboard templates again. Got some new ones for ya! This mix of templatesView full post »

feeling a little A.D.D.

today’s topics:  sneak peak | friday freebie | warning (see what I mean about a.d.d.?) Wow. I certainly have hadView full post »

storyboard #2 & the winners!

Alright, alright. I know I said I was done with the storyboards for a while . . . but I can’t stop myself!View full post »

storyboards ala story form

So . . . uhhhh  . . . all I can say is . . . WOW! Looks like many of you are just as crazy for the storyboardView full post »

picture th__ [go long]

Two new template kits today! Picture This [Go Long] and Picture That [Go Long] Just like the original Picture This +View full post »

picture this

Okay, if there’s one thing that I think many of you have come to know about me (I’m not talking about myView full post »