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Turkey and stuffing and gravy, oh my! I can smell it and taste it and it’s not even in my house. And turkey sandwiches afterwards? Yes. In this prompt we are talking about all the ins and outs and giblets of Thanksgiving Day. What did you eat? What did you do? Who did you dine with? All sorts of fun memories seem to revolve around a dinner table–and Thanksgiving is one of the biggest one of them all.


My Journaling

We spent many Thanksgivings with extended family and there were many that were spent on our own. I remember my mom breaking bread for the stuffing…and sometimes it was Stove Top–which really isn’t a stuffing, ya know.

I would have to say that probably my most ‘memorable’ Thanksgiving was the year that we didn’t have much money, so my mom bought turkey tv dinners for the big day. We did eat them on dishes rather than in the tin foil. I don’t know if I feel like that was a sad moment or an adventurous moment. I would have to say, it was a memorable moment–a very memorable moment. I was in eighth grade and we were living in that green three-story duplex at the time–the one with the funky wallpaper. It’s funny that that one particular Thanksgiving is very clear in my head.

And you know, for as many memories as I have of my youth, I can’t say I have too many memories of Thanksgiving days throughout my childhood. I do have a small memory, when I was very young, of having dinner in the old yellow house–when it was actually a residence before it was partially torn down. I remember the big table and the French doors. It’s just a fragment of a memory, really.

I do remember watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade about every year–kind of. It was always on, but for us to sit down and watch it the whole time? Yeah, I don’t think that happened much.

Even though I may not have many specific memories about Thanksgiving, I know that it was always full of love–whether we were with a large group of family or with just as a small little family or whether we had turkey or turkey bi-product (ha ha).