i’ve got a fev-ah . . .

And the only prescription is more Heat Transfer. (You thought I was going to say cowbell, didn't ya?) Here's my latest creation. Shapes are available in the store too. [Shape: phrase_go_big_grunge_2454, triangle_background_2453] I'm having WAY too much fun with this stuff. Somebody stop me! No, not really. :) I found a cute green jacket at Target yesterday that I'm gonna have some fun with! ooooh, what to do, what to do... . Oh, and Brenda, they hold up in the wash great! In fact, one of my co-workers was testing it all out and realized he didn't quite iron down [...]

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heat transfer is IN!

If you haven't been to the Silhouette blog today, don't walk . . . RUN . . . because not only is it IN, it's on sale for 10% off, AND we are giving away one roll to five people! So go over there and leave a comment to be entered to win! Check out some of the things you can make! I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!

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sometimes ya just gotta have lunch with a friend

It was so lovely to hook up for lunch yesterday with this cute little gal . . .  Miss Teresa Collins. I think we chatted about anything and everything . . . and we could have probably continued to chat for a few hours more. She's an absolute delight and amazingly creative to boot. Oh, and she has an incredible sense of fashion! Just too darn cute! Getting together with a friend is such a nice refresher in this crazy busy world. You just have to relax once in a while to help continue on with the mayhem of your [...]

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more sketch pen mania!

Still havin' fun with those sketch pens! Here's what I made to share on the Silhouette blog today. You can read all the details on how I made it over there. And here is today's free download! Go pick it up this week! [flower_flourish_2448]

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missionary update

So, with all the snow that DC has been getting, I've been wondering if Zach has been okay on food. Yesterday when we were e-mailing, I found out they haven't been able to get to the store for two weeks and was getting down to nothing. Not only that, when I asked him if he'd gone to the stores before the storm, this is what he said:"haha shopping before the storm here is a baaaad idea ... everyone goes shopping before the storm .... we went to safeway before the big storm to buy some food for a member and [...]

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weird cravings

And no, I'm not pregnant!I have been dying for cottage cheese and pretzels.What is up with that?I like cottage cheese, but don't eat it very often. Last week though I got a hankerin' and bought some.Thought I'd eat it for lunch, but needed a little something to go with it. Oooh. There's some pretzels. It tasted so good together!Ran out over the weekend.Bought some more yesterday.I know what I'm having for lunch today.[p.s. Kathy...that shape is out there now. I was experiencing some technical difficulties on Friday.]

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just vegging . . .

Had a little (okay, it was a lot) anniversary dinner at Texas Roadhouse (yum!) Girls are gone to play with friends (can you say "play" when they are teenagers?) Quiet at the house. Watching a little Olympics. Always bored with the parade and commentary--they put it first this year. Thought I'd share the Olympic page I made for the Silhouette blog today to kick off our own winter games. (Be sure to check out the contest going on over there!) Having some more fun with those sketch pens! I drew that background paper on the right. Such a more fine [...]

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something fuzzy

Whenever I feel something soft and fuzzy, I can't help but think of my dear friend, Kristy Banks, who loooooves anything soft and fuzzy by her face. Makes me smile. So of course I'm wondering how she would feel about fuzzy vinyl. It's soft, has texture, it's rich looking, and the black is about as black as you can get, which I LOVE. So here's a frame I shared on the Silhouette blog today. You can read all about it HERE. [the frame i got at target a few years ago] I think great minds must think alike, but you'll [...]

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using the ol’ sketch pens

Have you guys ever tried using sketch pens in your Silhouette? I just did that for the first time yesterday. So cool! Here's what I made. You can read all the details over on the Silhouette blog in yesterday's post HERE.

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my daughter, the photographer

So Kassidy has really gotten into photography as well. Shucks. It's a family thing . . . we all do it. :) She's a photo editor for the yearbook staff at her highschool and really loves taking pictures of sports--and "landscapes"--with a great eye for composition. She's been looking at the skateboarding, snowboarding and skiing magazines I have (yes, I get them for inspiration), and has loved what she's seen. It prompted her to find a guy that she could go take pictures of. Obviously she knows how to use Photoshop too. ;) She liked it as normal or black [...]

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