my daughter, the photographer

So Kassidy has really gotten into photography as well. Shucks. It’s a family thing . . . we all do it. :) She’s a photo editor for the yearbook staff at her highschool and really loves taking pictures of sports–and “landscapes”–with a great eye for composition.

She’s been looking at the skateboarding, snowboarding and skiing magazines I have (yes, I get them for inspiration), and has loved what she’s seen. It prompted her to find a guy that she could go take pictures of. Obviously she knows how to use Photoshop too. ;) She liked it as normal or black and white even, but as she started playing with the Saturation levels, she thought it totally went with the theme of the photo. Very urban–even if that’s just at the junior high, which you can’t tell.

Way to go Kass!

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