Whenever I feel something soft and fuzzy, I can’t help but think of my dear friend, Kristy Banks, who loooooves anything soft and fuzzy by her face. Makes me smile. So of course I’m wondering how she would feel about fuzzy vinyl. It’s soft, has texture, it’s rich looking, and the black is about as black as you can get, which I LOVE.

So here’s a frame I shared on the Silhouette blog today. You can read all about it HERE.



[the frame i got at target a few years ago]

I think great minds must think alike, but you’ll have to see what Nichol did with FUZZY VINYL on her blog today too! So weird!!!

And thanks for all the kudos on my sketch page. Y’all are too cute for words! Oh, and speaking of ‘sketch’ and ‘words’, you’ll have to check out this page I’m doing for the Silhouette blog tomorrow. So excited about it! Totally diggin’ the sketch thing!

Oh, and I missed getting to talk (e-mail) to my boy yesterday on account-a they were kind of snowed in…and have been for a couple weeks now there in DC. However, he did e-mail me briefly this afternoon. Glad to know they are still alive. ;) But they haven’t had church for two weeks now and the postal service hasn’t worked for a week either. How crazy is that? Of course we’re always watching the weather there. He said he’s never hated snow this much . . . and he loves to ski!

Tomorrow marks a big day in Bradford history. It’s our 22nd anniversary. TWENTY-TWO years??? Already? I think someone’s pulling my leg. I don’t remember no 22 years going by. Oh well.

Love ya honey! Happy anniversary!