i’ve got a fev-ah . . .

And the only prescription is more Heat Transfer. (You thought I was going to say cowbell, didn’t ya?)
Here’s my latest creation. Shapes are available in the store too.

[Shape: phrase_go_big_grunge_2454, triangle_background_2453]

I’m having WAY too much fun with this stuff. Somebody stop me! No, not really. :) I found a cute green jacket at Target yesterday that I’m gonna have some fun with!

ooooh, what to do, what to do…
Oh, and Brenda, they hold up in the wash great! In fact, one of my co-workers was testing it all out and realized he didn’t quite iron down one part of the design. He washed and dried it several times just to see what would happen. Then he decided to see if it would iron down and it IRONED ON! Even after all those washes. We were impressed. :)

I’ve washed my jacket a few times and it’s still on there all great. Of course, I don’t ever dry anything of mine either, so I don’t know what that will do . . . I’d imagine it would be like most t-shirts you throw in the dryer–it deteriorates over time.

And Susy, I’m not sure where the international thing stands. I know, frustrating.

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