such a loser!

March 25th, 2010|silhouette|

Man, I’ve been going to share some photos that my son sent for days now. Yeah, it’s Thursday . . .  I know. I’ve also got some photos of Jordan’s play to share too. Been catching a couple of the matinees this week to get some good photos for their memorabilia. There just aren’t enough hours in the day . . . month?  . . . year? 

So, since I can’t manage any of that at the moment, first I wanted to tell you that I will be at the Silhouette booth at the Scrapbook Expo during the day tomorrow (Friday). Come by and visit! We’ve got some good sales goingon too! Not to mention a pretty cool make-n-take. I’d love to meet whoever’s stoppin’ by. :)

Second, here’s a little glass etching project I made for CHA. LOVE these Target jars! And that digital photo frame is from House of 3. LOVE those guys too. ;) Wouldn’t the jars be a cool and easy mother’s day gift?


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somebody stop me!

March 19th, 2010|silhouette|

I don’t think I’ve made this many pages in a week since my QVC days! lol

My son recently sent some photos (it’s about time!). I LOOOOOVE this photo he sent and had to use it on a page (the big one). He also e-mailed me with something really sweet about how he’s growing. I felt it was a little too personal to share it all, but you get the gist of it.

The photo and the journailng worked perfectly together. I want to blow this picture up and put it on display while he’s gone. He took it. That’s my photography boy. ;) I’m sure he sat it on the ground and set the timer because that’s him second from the left.


I’ll be sharing more of his photos here soon. There are some incredible ones! And some crazy in-the-snow ones. Boys will be boys, eh?

This page is based on using inspiration from outside sources. It’s a new feature we’re doing on the Silhouette blog called Inspire U. Mine is based on these couple of pages from a Domino magazine. Oh how I miss that magazine! The Glamour magazine they keep sending as the substitution does nothing for me. Not to mention I have to go rip out anything suggestive if my girls want to look at it. Yikes!

I LOVED the title and page numbering here.
And I loved how on so many pages they either used a negative frame or “paper clipped” a photo to something else.
I know my page is simple. It’s white…again. But I think it really does the subject justice.
Have a great weekend y’all!
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feeling lucky

March 17th, 2010|silhouette|

So, because it’s St. Patrick’s Day today, it inspired me to make a page about my family and just how lucky I am to have them in my life. I’m using the new fonts that are up in the Silhouette store. That’s right, FONTS!


[Fonts: LD This & That (highlight words), LD Remington Portrait (journaling). Shapes: flourish_2447 (rhinestone), flourish 2442, frame_1507, dragonfly_tab_C00212_19547, clock_face_2465 (print & cut), background_polkadot_uneven_2467 (for use as a painting template)]

For all the details, check out the Silhouette Blog HERE. Everything, except for the “family” rub-on was is from or cut from Silhouette.

So Amy . . . and all of you . . . a white background is your challenge this week! Take a look at a favorite magazine, something like Real Simple. Find a “sketch” or layout of something you’d like to recreate and do it! :)

Susy, you are so not forgiven about eating fresh-from-the-tree apples right now. ;) Maybe I need to come down and help you eat . . . uhhh . . I mean pick them. As for the font I used? Well, it’s specially made. I hope to have it available some day. I’ll let you know when I do.

Kathy, yes, I’m doing 8 1/2 x 11 pages these days. I don’t really know why I decided to start doing it other than I felt like simplifying, which meant that the 8 1/2 x 11 format was much easier for me to work with–even after years of 12×12. I’m into that clean style these days and the small format does lend itself to a “magazine” look much easier. Been workin’ for me. Lovin’ it. Funny thing is too, I’m putting more photos on these pages than I ever did on 12×12. Strange.

Have y’all got your green on?

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i remember this moment very well

March 15th, 2010|silhouette|

[Shapes: leaf_branch_C00009_27205, phrase_fresh_2463, borderlines_2405]

I can just taste those juicy apples in my mouth! Oh, they were so divine! Six more months to eat them again. Gotta be fall. Need that cool crisp infusion of flavor. mmmmmmm…..

I do believe I have a disease. I can’t break away from white backgrounds! I just love how it makes all the photos and colors pop. I swear, each time I start out to make a page, I have great intentions of using patterned paper, mixing it up, something! I just can’t help myself though. I love WHITE!

And I find that rather strange because I started out doing Creative Memories. It was what I was first introduced to for scrapping legitimately. I remember thinking once I’d moved on from that phase that I would NEVER use a white background again. How boring.


Guess I’ll eat my words. They don’t taste nearly as good as them-thar apples though. ;)

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sharin’ a little vinyl somethin’-somethin’

March 12th, 2010|silhouette|

We’ve had vinyl on sale this week in the Silhouette store. If you haven’t checked out some of the cool things people are making on the blog, go.

So here’s a wee bit of fun that I had with my vinyl this week:


You can see all my Europe pictures in the background there….better than seeing my face in the reflection. ;)

I played off Loni Stevens’ shape alphabet_love_sideline_tabs_C00106_19547 (one of my favorite Print & Cuts!) and created my own rendition for vinyl. You could also recreate it using these shapes along with your own “love” word in the middle: alpha_border_an_1252 and alpha_border_oz_1253.

Weather is looking great here today! Hubby said he might do some yard work.

spring . . . spring . . . spring . . . wherefore art thou spring?

Please stay this time, okay?

Quit teasing and taunting us.

Not nice.

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personalize your pillows

March 12th, 2010|silhouette|

I made this fun little item using heat transfer for the Scrapbook Trends blog today. It’s words to describe Jordan . . . if you couldn’t tell. Of course, it wasn’t until this morning that i realized that ‘sociable’ and ‘friendly’ pretty much mean the same thing. ;) But when I wrote the two words, I was thinking at how she does so well with others in social settings and then also wanted a word to describe her as being a good friend. So, it’s still a little different. I know what I meant. lol

To see all the details on this pillow, go check out the Scrapbook Trends blog today. You never know what they might have going on over there that you DON’T want to miss out on. :)

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i love . . . really . . . love . . . silhouette

March 11th, 2010|pages, silhouette|

Okay, so this page is more in reference to Jordan’s love for her new iPod as well as the photography that she won it for, but I just had to play off of it and express my love for Silhouette too.

Could just scrap with cardstock and my Silhouette and be happy as a clam. 
So tell me . . .  
What’s your favorite thing about Silhouette? What do you love about it?

[shapes: flower_border_C00368_18816, paper_clip_set_C20090902002632_18816, circle_flower_C00321_18816, negative_strip_distressed_2355, file_folder_1745]
Look closely at that flower paper clip. It’s actually cut from fuzzy vinyl! 

I love doing tone-on-tone. Gives it a nice faux-embossed look without all the work!

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one way to turn a slightly grey day . . .

March 10th, 2010|Uncategorized|

 . . . into a super fun day?

Play some Earth, Wind and Fire and get your groove on.

Makes work a whole lot more fun.

Good thing there’s no one around to watch my crazy dance moves while sitting in my chair.

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check this out

March 9th, 2010|Uncategorized|

Jen McGuire did a video on how to use the Hero Arts stamps with their Silhouette shapes. LOVE this project! She is the queen of stamping, that’s for sure!

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do i really hear SPRING this morning?

March 5th, 2010|Uncategorized|

It was 50+ degrees yesterday and should be again today.

It’s getting lighter earlier and lighter longer.

It’s 6:10 a.m. right now.

I’m sitting at my desk where I usually am at this time.

I actually hear a bird chirping.

I think that truly is the first sign of spring.

Can’t wait.

(weather man says it’s suppose to snow today though. what???)

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