What??? A What To Use Wednesday page? Doth mine ears deceive me? Okay, well, that’s what happens when you need to do a page for the Silhouette blog too and they happen to fall on the same day. lol

So here’s today’s page. It’s using shapes from the scrapNfonts folks–our featured artist on the Silhouette blog.


I love, love, LOVE that little sled! Thought it would be ever-so cool to emboss it with black embossing power…from American Crafts, of course. Same with the background paper and cardstock. Love those guys there at ol’ AC!

As usual for What To Use Wednesday, everything is at my fingertips. Never shop for a thing. Just using what’s in my office or in my Silhouette. In fact, since I scrapped that page in my pjs this morning, I hope I wouldn’t think to go out shopping. ;)