We’ve had vinyl on sale this week in the Silhouette store. If you haven’t checked out some of the cool things people are making on the blog, go.

So here’s a wee bit of fun that I had with my vinyl this week:


You can see all my Europe pictures in the background there….better than seeing my face in the reflection. ;)

I played off Loni Stevens’ shape alphabet_love_sideline_tabs_C00106_19547 (one of my favorite Print & Cuts!) and created my own rendition for vinyl. You could also recreate it using these shapes along with your own “love” word in the middle: alpha_border_an_1252 and alpha_border_oz_1253.

Weather is looking great here today! Hubby said he might do some yard work.

spring . . . spring . . . spring . . . wherefore art thou spring?

Please stay this time, okay?

Quit teasing and taunting us.

Not nice.