[Shapes: leaf_branch_C00009_27205, phrase_fresh_2463, borderlines_2405]

I can just taste those juicy apples in my mouth! Oh, they were so divine! Six more months to eat them again. Gotta be fall. Need that cool crisp infusion of flavor. mmmmmmm…..

I do believe I have a disease. I can’t break away from white backgrounds! I just love how it makes all the photos and colors pop. I swear, each time I start out to make a page, I have great intentions of using patterned paper, mixing it up, something! I just can’t help myself though. I love WHITE!

And I find that rather strange because I started out doing Creative Memories. It was what I was first introduced to for scrapping legitimately. I remember thinking once I’d moved on from that phase that I would NEVER use a white background again. How boring.


Guess I’ll eat my words. They don’t taste nearly as good as them-thar apples though. ;)