I don’t think I’ve made this many pages in a week since my QVC days! lol

My son recently sent some photos (it’s about time!). I LOOOOOVE this photo he sent and had to use it on a page (the big one). He also e-mailed me with something really sweet about how he’s growing. I felt it was a little too personal to share it all, but you get the gist of it.

The photo and the journailng worked perfectly together. I want to blow this picture up and put it on display while he’s gone. He took it. That’s my photography boy. ;) I’m sure he sat it on the ground and set the timer because that’s him second from the left.


I’ll be sharing more of his photos here soon. There are some incredible ones! And some crazy in-the-snow ones. Boys will be boys, eh?

This page is based on using inspiration from outside sources. It’s a new feature we’re doing on the Silhouette blog called Inspire U. Mine is based on these couple of pages from a Domino magazine. Oh how I miss that magazine! The Glamour magazine they keep sending as the substitution does nothing for me. Not to mention I have to go rip out anything suggestive if my girls want to look at it. Yikes!

I LOVED the title and page numbering here.
And I loved how on so many pages they either used a negative frame or “paper clipped” a photo to something else.
I know my page is simple. It’s white…again. But I think it really does the subject justice.
Have a great weekend y’all!