Just taking it a little easy during this spring break. I say that relatively as I’ve been cleaning as well as working part of the time.

Got a good chunk of Zach’s room done over the weekend. Listened to conference while working on it Saturday.

Funny that some of you had the same kind of plans as me last weekend too. :)

Cleaned my side of the bedroom up. The “collect-all” dresser is almost clean too.

The girls have been overhauling their rooms.

Now we need to work on the rest of the house.

Did a little spring shopping with the girls. An alternative to Easter candy.

Took the girls to see a local–and clean–production of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels last night with my buddy Kristy Banks and her son Jory. Lisa (Bearnson) had seen it twice already. One of the customer support guy’s at work, Darick Pead, played the Steve Martin role and was absolutely hilarious! We were all laughing quite hard. Lisa had seen him perform the first time, found out that it was someone I knew and knew which nights he performed, and made sure she went back to see him again because, as she said, “he made the show.”

Going to see Alice in Wonderland today.

Taxes. (ugh!)

More cleaning.

Tomorrow I get my hair done. Yahoo! Too much grey showing right now.

Just mixing business with pleasure all this week, you might say.

Trying to stay away from the computer with the exception of when I’m working.

Feeling lighter (but not weight-wise–dang it) than I have in a very long time.

Feels good.

Feels rejuvenating.

Still need to share Jordan’s OK pictures . . . but here’s one in the interim. This is her and “Curly” and “Judd
Frye”–the two boys fightin’ over “Laurey”.