what’s old is new again

I’m a jewelry junky.

I admit it.

I’ve had a “serious” problem with it in the past, however, in the essence of saving money–or rather–not having the excess to spend like usual (lol), I’ve stayed away from the shopping malls, the boutiques, and the QVCs of the world.

As an alternative, I’m pulling out earrings that I’ve had for a long time–favorites that haven’t been worn for a while. I’m polishing them up and wearing them again. It’s been a lot of fun! Some jewelry has a story–got this from Mexico, got that from Ireland, made three other pair of earrings ‘just like that’ for my friends.

But wait, it gets better.

Dan was looking for something in the garage and found a little bin of jewelry that I had growing up as well as some 80s jewelry. You know what I’m talkin’ about. Big chunky silver stuff, right?

My daughters LOVED going through it! Kass isn’t as big into jewelry as Jordan and will wear something on occasion. But Jordan is my retro girl and loves anything from “a long time ago”.

Does that mean I’m vintage?

Gosh, I hope not!

But in addition to the jewelry, I had to get my computer fixed. Came home from a weekend trip to Idaho last Saturday night and it wouldn’t turn on . . . no matter how many times I waved my magic fingers at it, pleading with it to turn on . . . the curse-ed thing wouldn’t budge.


Luckily a guy I work with thought it might be one of two things. And luckily it was the cheaper of two evils. I had to buy a new power supply and he put it in for me. Good. Only a $30 fix and my computer is as good as new again. Better back it up though because it’s been a month.

But this is the most glorious thing of all . . . MY LAPTOP IS WORKING AGAIN!!! A couple years ago it crashed–speaking of not backing up. Since CompUSA–where I bought my laptop AND warranty–went out of business, I didn’t want to send it off to get repaired and lose the hard drive in it (they said they keep it).

So there it sat.

And sat.

And sat.

Until one day I bought a new hard drive and asked our resident guru neighbor if he could help.

And I got it back yesterday.

My pal.

My friend.

We’ve been through many a things together.

It’s traveled with me all over the world–Scotland, Amsterdam, Mexico, Hawaii (just to name a few).

It’s provided hours of entertainment in the car before we had a dvd player.

I’ve spent many many hours on that thing creating art for my Cricut cartridges, sitting at the kitchen table away from the kids in the living room during summer vacation.

I’ve missed it terribly.

I’m excited to be mobile again and not be glued to my little corner of the world all the time.


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