First off, just wanted to say thank you for all your kind words about my pages. It was fun making some like that again. You guys are awesome! Sorry I’ve been absent of late.

So, it may be April 1st but there’s no foolin’, Zach has been on his mission for one whole year as of today. I can’t believe just how fast time has gone! It’s gone by fast for him too. Yesterday as we were e-mailing each other, I asked him if he was glad he went. He said he’s loving it. He loves living in DC. He loves that he sees a side of DC that not very many people get to see. He loves the West African people and culture. He’s having a great time being of service.

He’s definitely growing.

So he sent us some picture a couple weeks ago . . . finally! Thought I’d share some highlights.
The Washington DC Temple
…at Christmas time.
Having a bit of fun in ALL that snow!
So I thought he was really in waist-high snow. Turns out he’s on his knees. They thought it would be funny to make it look like it was that deep.
Golfing? In winter?? Who gets to go find the WHITE golf balls in the snow? Oh yeah, and that’s my boy . . . in shorts in the winter.

I don’t know how Zach convinced three other guys to get up so early on a cold December morning to go take pictures at the National Mall!

Can you see the chopper? That’s probably the Pres getting a ride somewhere.


 Zach and his companion.
I love this one!


And speaking of food, check out all this African food. The top row is from Thanksgiving dinner and the bottom row is dinner at a member’s house.


Let’s hope next year goes just as fast as this one!

I still need to share some photos of Jordan’s play too. They did so well!