Look what we have in our house right now.


Yep. A kitty. Yeah, not in the plan. When we went to the farm, my nieces had gone up a couple days before. They went to Sears and some lady was giving away kittens. They thought that the farm needed some mousers and brought home three cats–one for one niece to keep, one for the other niece to “raise” at her house until it could go up to the farm and one for us–so we were told. Well, Dan isn’t too keen on being told what to do–especially when it comes to an anilmal. ;) Of course he said no. Don’t blame him either. It was awfully presumptuous for them to think we’d take a cat when we’d never had one. But oddly enough, when the one niece brought it home to her husband, he said no too! lol We did have fun with them on the farm, they are potty trained even.
Anyway, so my sister wound up with both cats at her house. Their cat loves them dearly…not. lol Oh and their names are Sam and George–the wolf and sheepdog from Bugs Bunny. So we came home Saturday and I went over to do taxes last Thursday. I had my niece’s cat (came down for a “play date”) all cuddled with me. That night I asked dad if we could bring Sam home–that was the one assigned to us. So here it is, playing at my feet with a string I’ve got hanging from my desk–trying to keep it away from my feet because it has the sharpest claws! Super friendly kitty. Very lovable. In fact, it loves to take a nap all cuddled with us and we’ll bring it up on my bed to watch tv with us (me and the girls or Dan) and it’ll come up by us, plop down, make a little mew, and stretch it’s body all the way out–paws over head with bottom legs outstretched as far as it can go (almost curving backwards)–and roll over so you can rub its belly. What cat does that? Sleeps that way too! Not all the time, but a lot. And yesterday it had its body on the bed and flopped its top half up over Kass’ leg sideways and slept that way. So weird.

Anyway, the purpose is to raise it for the farm. We keep taking it outside to get used to it, but uhhhhh…it gets scared at the cars passing by. We took it over to the neighbor’s yesterday afternoon and the boys were having fun chasing it around. Not sure how the cat liked it. lol Definitely out of the cat’s comfort zone. It barely goes past our chairs that we have on the lawn. Likes the flower bed area. We kind of baby it. It’s fun to have something cuddly.

Oh, and we were told it’s a boy, but a couple days ago we were looking and we’re like, I think it’s a girl! So we keep calling it he or she or it. lol

So there ya go . . . after never having a pet (do fish and hermit crabs count?) for our entire married life, we are now a cat owner.