it’s done

She's all graduated. She loves the fact that she doesn't HAVE to go to school anymore if she doesn't want to (although she is and she's majoring in photography. Congratulations girlie! Here's a few photos from the day  . . . Kass and her cousin, Aubrey. Two different highschools. Two different graduating times. And Kass wasn't about to put on her gown again. lol These three girls have grown up together. The two just live a block over from us. I think it's great how they have been friends their entire lives. Just some jumping fun with a group of [...]

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there’s a bit of this going on this week

    That's right. Kid #2 will soon be done with high school. Crazy! Finally got the announcement done. Better get those printed and in the mail tomorrow. ;) (Sorry, I felt compelled to blur the pertinent info.) Sorry my blog has been so neglected. Lots of stuff going on right now. Did you happen to catch the giveaway going on the Silhouette blog that ends Monday morning? Here's the album I shared for Friday's post using the brand new printable heat transfer--works great with the Silhouette Print & Cut images! Uses this free shape that I made for the [...]

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faces, faces, and more faces

I think our little neighbor family's kids have some of the most expressive faces I've ever seen . . . and my kids have a lot! Since this was Kass' shoot, I only took a mere tiny percentage that I would normally take. But it was fun to take some of these cute little boys. The youngest two I've had in the church nursery class on Sundays and they are often on our bench in church . . . especially the youngest one. They all crack us up constantly! Our whole family just loves these little boys . . . [...]

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did a little of this over the weekend

Had a couple of photo shoots. One was with my niece here. More grad photos. Can you tell she's "smizing?" ;) The other was helping Kassidy. She offered to take photos of the cute little family that lives basically across the street . . . and one or two of their boys can generally be found on our bench during church. They are just the cutest little family. I will have to share a photo or two that I took of them as well later. My sister still has my memory card (she sent me the ones she wanted edited). [...]

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inpsiration can come from anywhere

So I'm doing the Inspire U over on the Silhouette blog today, but wanted to share this here too. This finally happened this week:   Ahhhhhh, ya gotta love the lilacs! I've been waiting and waiting for them to open so I could smell them! Those inspired me to make this shape:   And this as well: A very inexpensive Mother's Day gift. You can check out the details HERE. I get to talk to my missionary boy on Sunday! Yahoo! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO YOU ALL!

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i’m diggin’ . . .

. . . Pandora's Disco Genre. Lots of Jacksons, Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire, KC, Kool, ABBA . . . No more waiting for 70s weekend on the radio.I'm a happy girl.

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