faces, faces, and more faces

I think our little neighbor family’s kids have some of the most expressive faces I’ve ever seen . . . and my kids have a lot!

Since this was Kass’ shoot, I only took a mere tiny percentage that I would normally take. But it was fun to take some of these cute little boys. The youngest two I’ve had in the church nursery class on Sundays and they are often on our bench in church . . . especially the youngest one. They all crack us up constantly!

Our whole family just loves these little boys . . . and their parents aren’t too bad either. ;)

It was very difficult to get all three boys to sit still let alone give us a straight face . . . oh, and they need to  smile? Yeah. Right.

we laughed a lot.




(I know this one isn’t the most in focus, but you had to be there. This series of his faces is absolutely priceless.)
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