the mysteries of the mouth

Monday I had to have a tooth pulled. It was a tooth that had a root canal and a crown, but the tooth broke under the crown and it got sick, sick, sick.Out it came.It was the second one from the back on the bottom.So I'm sitting here eating something soft--okay, okay--it's a chocolate donut! Shees. I'm keeping it to the left side of my mouth and tongue . . . trying to not necessarily use the right side of my mouth.But you know what?It just doesn't taste as good until I can have it on both sides of my [...]

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a little road trip

I love taking a trip to the mountains. I love that we live that close to "the great outdoors" that you can go anywhere and experience something new and refreshing. It's rejuvenating. Love spending a little quality time with the fam that way. While we have been up into the Uinta's before, we'd never stopped at Provo Falls. That was a very cool thing to see. Also, there was still a bit of snow here and there and at one spot at Moosehorn Lake, Dan and Jordan even had a little snowball fight. Next time, we're taking something to cook [...]

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i wanna go

I 'm dying to go some place fun. Some place photographical (yeah, it's a word). Maybe sometime soon . . .maybe . . . In the meantime I guess I'll just have to dream of the far off lands that I've been. Dying to go to Italy again someday too . . . Where do you wish you were? [dingle ireland]

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i’m on a quest

For the past few years I have worked full-time . . . and then some. Too many times over the course of my different jobs, I could be found working some really long hours. During my "Cricut-cartridge-making" days, I went through a spell of working 16-hour days.Two words.IN.SANE.Okay, so that's really one word, but you get the gist of life for me over the past few years. It wasn't that way all the time, but really, there was often "too much work and not enough play."So needless to say, since I stopped working I've been a bit less-than-motivated to do [...]

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what a day!

Nothing like cramming as much "doctor" stuff as you can in one day! Jordan got her wisdom teeth out yesterday morning and then Kass had a dermatology appointment.Both Kass and Zach have had their wisdom teeth out. They were groggy and said some funny things afterward. But Jordan? Oh my freakin' heck . . .she laughed . . .and laughed . . .and laughed . . .and laughed . . .and laughed . . .and laughed . . .and laughed some more . . . . . . all the way home even.It was like she was drunk or high [...]

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a little t-shirt goodness

So a couple weeks ago I was chatting with my dear friend Lisa Bearnson, who's son is also serving an LDS mission right now in North Carolina. It's nice to comisserate with someone. ;) She was talking about something she was going to make with her son's mission name on it and as I was looking at her while she was talking, this image came to mind for me to make a t-shirt for my son with his mission name on the back. When I told her, she said, "You just thought of that while I was talking?!" And I [...]

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my top ten

Okay, so because I like being a positive person, I thought it would be kind of fun to do a top ten list. So . . . here are: My Top Ten Reasons Why It’s Nice Not Having A Job At The Moment. 10. I don’t have to leave the cat in my daughter’s room when I go into the office. He can be free. 9.  I can clean if I want to . . . operative word . . . if I want to. 8.  I can watch tv all day if I want to. (Okay, so maybe there’s [...]

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fly me to the moon

Okay, so I'm not making any plans on going to the moon or anything. But there were a lot of things all saying Washington DC to me this week including this photo: It's the Air & Space Museum (Smithsonian)--a photo I saw on I love looking at this guy's stuff! Such a fun and unique way to make a good photo turn into eye candy. A very unique perspective indeed. Go check out his site. He travels to some of the coolest locations. Luuuckkkyyyy. He also has some great information to share on using HDR photography and other fun [...]

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just a quick note

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your support. You guys are simply amazing. I don't know what the future holds for me. I guess at least now I feel like I'll have more time to focus on my own blog again. ;)But speaking of the Silhouette blog, my "last hurrah", so to speak. was to have the uber talented Miss Maggie Holmes do the Inspire U today. It's on photography--helping you to become a stronger photographer and make better pages. You MUST go check it out! She's even giving away a set of her PS/PSE [...]

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what’s that saying?

When one door closes . . . ? Some interesting changes in my life right now. I'm no longer with Silhouette. Not sure where the path may lead for me right now. Luckily I have an amazing support group of family and friends. Seriously. Amazing. I guess now I have some time to do all those things I needed to get done around the house. ;) And on another note, just wanted to say thank you for all your kind words about Kass' graduation. And to you moms that had graduating kids this year too? What a change it is [...]

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