Okay, so I’m not making any plans on going to the moon or anything. But there were a lot of things all saying Washington DC to me this week including this photo:


It’s the Air & Space Museum (Smithsonian)–a photo I saw on stuckincustoms.com. I love looking at this guy’s stuff! Such a fun and unique way to make a good photo turn into eye candy. A very unique perspective indeed. Go check out his site. He travels to some of the coolest locations. Luuuckkkyyyy. He also has some great information to share on using HDR photography and other fun stuff. Delightful.

E-mailed with my boy online yesterday (in DC). Thank heavens for technology today. I had to pick up my two girls and two nieces in Salt Lake that afternoon and Zach hadn’t e-mailed yet. Luckily my nieces had internet on their phones so when I picked them up, Zach had e-mailed and we chatted (niece typed) on our way back to home where I could hook up again with him on my own computer. I sent him some squirt guns in a package and he and his companion were both having lots of fun with them until Zach kept bugging his companion with fresh water…the companion didn’t think it was so fun anymore. ;)

Oh, and yesterday was the anniversary date of Zach actually being in DC. He actually only has less than ten months left on his mission though. Going SO FAST! And yes, he thinks so too.

We also watched Night At The Museum 2 the other night. I love that movie. Hank Azaria rocks! “Don’t cross this line!” I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at a movie. And if you’ve seen this movie, you know they’ve been to that museum…we have too.