Okay, so because I like being a positive person, I thought it would be kind of fun to do a top ten list. So . . . here are:

My Top Ten Reasons Why It’s Nice Not Having A Job At The Moment.
10. I don’t have to leave the cat in my daughter’s room when I go into the office. He can be free.
9.  I can clean if I want to . . . operative word . . . if I want to.
8.  I can watch tv all day if I want to. (Okay, so maybe there’s been a day or two where I have watched tv all day. lol)
7.  I have more time for my own blog now.
6.  I can sleep in to the lovely time of 6:45 . . . if I’m lucky, that is. Curse my internal clock for not letting me sleep in for reals!
5.  I have time to do more photography. (Ohhh, the ideas in my head!)
4.  I can finally clean my office like it’s suppose to be. (It hasn’t been clean like those photos since I took them! *gasp*)
3.  I can research and learn new things to improve my skills (said in my Napoleon Dynamite voice).
2.  I can have lunch with my dear friends whenever I feel like it–like having lunch with Teresa Collins yesterday or Kristy Banks last week . . . twice. Love them!

And the number one reason why it’s nice not having a job at the moment . . .
1.  I get to be at home with my girls all summer long and can take a vacation without “missing work.”

Now, to continue the act of positivity, I’m doing a GIVEAWAY!!!
Leave a comment in today’s post about what you do or would do with free time and you’ll have a chance to win a set of these KI Alphabet Soup kits . . . from QVC back in the day. It’s funny the things you find when you’re cleaning. ;) I do have to keep the winners limited to the contiguous U.S. I have THREE kits to give away too! I’ll draw a winner Tuesday morning.


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