For the past few years I have worked full-time . . . and then some. Too many times over the course of my different jobs, I could be found working some really long hours. During my “Cricut-cartridge-making” days, I went through a spell of working 16-hour days.

Two words.


Okay, so that’s really one word, but you get the gist of life for me over the past few years. It wasn’t that way all the time, but really, there was often “too much work and not enough play.”

So needless to say, since I stopped working I’ve been a bit less-than-motivated to do anything . . . at all. I think I’ve done a complete about-face on work and I need to gain some motivation.

Enter these books into the scene:


I decided I needed to start learning some of these programs that I have. I WANT to learn how to create something with Flash. I WANT to learn how to create a website. I WANT to learn how to use PS better.

I’ve been patiently waiting for these to arrive at my home via the amazing world of It was like buying two and getting one free as compared to Borders. In this case, convenience and instant gratification was definitely ruled over by the ol’ “watching the money” scenario.

They came today.


So now, between all three of these books I am on a quest . . .a quest to learn something new every day–at least through each weekday this summer anyway. ;)

I need motivation.

I need to get back to the computer that was my slave for so many years, but this time I’m vowing to not let it–or my office–rule me.

It’s been lovely being away from it–its hard to want to be there right now, but I need to return to its bits and bytes and turn those little babies into some glorious new ways of seeing life over the internet highway.

I’m excited.

Excited to see where this quest–this new part of life–will take me.