I love taking a trip to the mountains. I love that we live that close to “the great outdoors” that you can go anywhere and experience something new and refreshing.

It’s rejuvenating.

Love spending a little quality time with the fam that way.

While we have been up into the Uinta’s before, we’d never stopped at Provo Falls. That was a very cool thing to see. Also, there was still a bit of snow here and there and at one spot at Moosehorn Lake, Dan and Jordan even had a little snowball fight.

Next time, we’re taking something to cook over a fire pit. We stopped at Mirror Lake to get a parking pass and people were cooking over a campfire . . . smelled good! However, the trip to Granny’s for a late lunch in Heber was also most satisfying. Mmmmm . . .


Don’t you just love all the cameras in this family? lol