Monday I had to have a tooth pulled. It was a tooth that had a root canal and a crown, but the tooth broke under the crown and it got sick, sick, sick.

Out it came.

It was the second one from the back on the bottom.

So I’m sitting here eating something soft–okay, okay–it’s a chocolate donut! Shees. I’m keeping it to the left side of my mouth and tongue . . . trying to not necessarily use the right side of my mouth.

But you know what?

It just doesn’t taste as good until I can have it on both sides of my mouth and taste it on the backside of my tongue.

Why the heck is that?

I mean, if I’m going to splurge on fat and calories, I NEED the full effect. It’s not worth it otherwise. Am I right?

So since it is something soft that kind of melts and dissolves and it’s not tiny piece of rice or something, I’m letting that donut waft on back to both sides of the back of my mouth.

Ahhh . . . now that’s better!

mmmmmm . . . . .