July 28th, 2010|digital shapes, freebies|

Okay, so I had every intention of using this shape on a page today.

But we all know how life is so unexpected and time runs out. So instead, I’m offering up the shape once again for all of YOU to use this fine Wednesday! :)

Simply use this link HERE to access the ZIP file. This time I threw in a PNG along with the JPG, SVG, and GSD files. That way you can use it in your digital scrapbooking!

A little tip. I test cut this this at 5″ wide. I know that Silhouette can cut pretty intricately. I’m not sure if Cricut has quite that same precision. It took a little patience to remove it from the cardstock (I always cut it twice too!), but it worked. I would recommend cutting this at least at 6″ or 7″ wide to be sure just because at 5″, those small letters are only 3/8″ tall. Make sense?

The shape comes in three large pieces and one smaller piece for your “design tweaking” pleasure. If you’re like me, you’re “Let’s try it here. No…there. What if I moved it ….”

And on another note, loved your guys’ top 5! (Kathy, you made me laugh with your “correction.”) In Utah we have a dry heat. I will take that over the southern/midwest/east coast humidity any day. For maybe 15 years we had a swamp cooler (those “work” here in the dessert). However, “they say” it will only cool 20 degrees from the outside temp. Therefore, when it’s 102 outside, it’s 82 inside. And if there is humidity? Fuhgettaboutit. Swamp coolers don’t work.

So three or so years ago we finally got central air. Seriously. In heaven. I get cranky in the heat. Add humidity? And I’m a sweaty, even-crankier person–not to mention my hair just ain’t pretty. lol I think the most amazing thing I noticed when we got central air is the air within our home. When you live with a swamp cooler and go to central air, you notice the difference big time! You should have seen all the condensation expelling from the AC unit for the first two or three days. It was incredible to think we had that much moisture in our house! And we were breathing it!

But now, I live in the lap of luxury and I will never go back.

I . . . am an air conditioning snob. ;)

my top five favorites this summer

July 26th, 2010|Uncategorized|

1. Movies: Inception, A-Team and Prince of Persia. All entertaining in their own adventurous way.

2. Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper topped with real Dr. Pepper and engulfed in soft pebbled ice. Drink without straw so you can chew the ice as you drink the Pepper.

3. Music: Currently? The Da Vinci Code soundtrack (don’t know why. lol)

4. Food: Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad. Marinate in Newman’s Own Caesar Dressing and grill on the bbq. Slice both chicken and romaine lettuce thinly and top with some grated Italian-ee cheese and croutons. Easy. Divine.

5. Air conditioning

What are your top five?

something for YOU to use

July 21st, 2010|digital shapes, freebies|

I’m feeling saucy. 

I thought perhaps you all might like something to play with this fine Wednesday–whether you’re a Silhouette fan, a Cricut fan, or whatever digital cutter floats your boat (or at least I hope it works for the others ;) ).

Would you like to add this to your next summer page creation?

Simply click HERE to download the GSD/SVG/JPG image in a ZIP format. At least I hope I’ve done this right. lol Then you just need to unzip it using a ZIP program on your computer and place the files into the appropriate directories.

I’m a big fan of connecting things as much as possible, so much of that bottom portion of the saying is connected, including the “nothing”, however, there is a separate “nothing” to provide an additional color . . . on account-a I like multi-color too if’n I want it.

Anyway, just a little diddy for your summertime pleasure. :)

Hope you enjoy!

shhhh . . . .

July 20th, 2010|Uncategorized|

Do you hear that?
That’s the sound of silence in my house.

Okay, so maybe it’s not complete silence since I have some iTunes a-goin’, but the girls have left for camp all week. Once again, a little taste of what life post-kids will be like.

And you’ll be happy to know–well, I’M happy to know–that my computer is back up and running. Fixed yesterday. It was the power supply again. Apparently what I’d bought before was *ehem* a cheap piece of blankety-blank. Obviously. To top it off, where I bought it from is now out of business. Of course it is. No way to get my money back there.

Anyway, I had my 15-year old computer-whiz of a nephew help me take it out and put it in (he builds his own computers). When all was said and done I was too chicken to pull the power things apart–fearing that I’d pull the wrong thing apart and short out my hard drive . . . or some other over-dramatic thing like that.

Now, I’m not a big horoscope kind of gal, but on occasion when I’m having an odd day, I like to see if it matches up and strangely it DOES! (you’d think I’d be looking every day with the odd way my life goes. lol) Anywho, this is what it said yesterday:

Today might be a bit difficult, Virgo, because you aren’t likely to be as productive as usual. You won’t have much to say, and you’ll feel sleepy and somewhat grumpy…. Take a nap – or several naps – and follow your desire to do as little as possible. There will be plenty of time to catch up on work.

Shhh . . . don’t tell anyone that I took a 30 minute nap. My horoscope did tell me I could, ya know. ;)

frustration galore!

July 19th, 2010|Uncategorized|

So yesterday afternoon I came down to my computer and once again, it wouldn’t turn on! As you may recall I had this problem in April and had to get a new power supply.




And somebody explain to me why this couldn’t happen ten days ago when I didn’t have a deadline???

Time to get a new computer? Hmm . . .

Did y’all have a good weekend?

busy for a bit?

July 15th, 2010|Uncategorized|

Sorry I haven’t been ’round much this week. I’ve been working on a little design project . . . well, and spontaneously seeing the A-Team with my girls (fun movie!), having lunch and a pedicure with my “bestest”–Kristy Banks, and other little doo-daddy things here and there,

It sure feels nice to design again though. Nice to get that ol’ creative brain working. Exciting.

And because I know some of you will probably ask . . . no, it’s not shapes. Sorry.  ;)

is it normal?

July 9th, 2010|Uncategorized|

Our cat plays “fetch”.

Is this normal? Having never owned an indoor cat, this concept is new to me. I mean, I always felt like our cat thought he was a dog–sleeping on his back and such. But now he plays fetch?

Last night I probably spent 20-30 minutes each at three different times throwing his mouse and he’d bring it back to me . . . running like a crazy cat–off me, the bean bag, the couch, the side of the coach . . . parkour style. And he’d come back the same way. It was the funniest thing. And obviously it wasn’t a fluke either since he did it at more than one time.

This cat is also cat-like in that he wants attention when he wants attention. So when everyone is gone in the morning, he’ll cuddle up with me in when I’m sitting in my office chair. It’s kind of his “thing” and he doesn’t do it at any other time or any other place. And of course it can’t be in my lap . . . he has to come up on my chest and be by my head and I have to lean back for him to be really comfortable. No one ever sees it because once he hears another noise, he’s off.

Same thing with fetch last night. I was home alone doing this with him. I felt like it was that whole “If a tree falls in a forest and no one’s there to see it, does it make any noise” scenario.

I’m glad Dan came home and the cat decided to play fetch again so he could see I wasn’t making it up. lol It was really funny.

All you cat lovers out there . . . is this normal?

Now on another note, Caroline and Susy and anyone else out there wondering the same thing about me creating more downloadable art. I’ve been pondering many a-things and unfortunately for y’all, we’ll just have to leave it at that for right now. Gonna have to leave ya hangin’. :)You guys are so sweet to be so supportive like that. I do miss creating images though.

“father’s day”

July 7th, 2010|pages, silhouette|

Okay, let’s all let out a collective gasp.
I know, I’m doing the same thing . . . right there with ya.
It’s been weeks since I’ve scrapbooked anything.
Yesterday I thought to myself, “I’m going to scrap a page!”

However, this morning when I woke up (at 5:30 to get my daughter off to Idaho!), I was feeling less than inspired. I was just going to share the photos themselves because I just couldn’t muster up the creative scrapping energy to do it.

Granted, I am feeling motivated to create, but just not with scrapping.


Today. On my way to get my Diet Dr. Pepper/ 1″ Real Dr. Pepper combo with pebbled ice so I can drink/eat it like Dr. Pepper slushy delight. My new favorite thing. Must have been what inspired me.

Yes, it took me most of the day to twiddle through it. My intent was to use stamps with paint because I constantly look at those things that I cannot give away, yet never use. But it had been so long since I’d used my black paint that it was all dried up.

Sad. I know.

Ink didn’t cut it either, so I ended up redoing the page with my Silhouette and a font. It was suppose to be a more “what to use”, but didn’t end up that way. It’s the thought that counts, eh?

Instead, I used my usual, American Crafts cardstock along with a lovely Loni Stevens border design. The file folder is one I created for Silhouette as well. A little 7gypsies photo anchor and my trusty punch label and voila.

And here’s a closeup of those photos. Ya just gotta get the real affect of the middle photo. In case you haven’t read the journaling, Jordan had gotten her wisdom teeth out just three days before. That middle photo is so that she won’t feel so out of place with her chubby swollen cheeks. :)

little baby bowen

July 5th, 2010|photography|

So finally, no clouds and I could shoot this cute little baby! 

[Okay, so this one above isn’t my favorite necessarily, but it’s a nice setting. He was a little squirmy and would wiggle his way down in. And I’m trying to figure out the whole “keep ’em decent” thing. ;) ]

Thanks to my cousin Tia for borrowing me some of her props too. ;) They worked nicely in combination with some things I had in my home.

Having never photographed a newborn–or infant even, my “learn something new” for that day was:
To photograph a newborn, you need to do it before they are two weeks old.

I saw a photographer or two that mentioned they needed to shoot their newborn shots within the first two weeks. I just thought it was because they wanted a true newborn photo and to schedule accordingly.

Uh uh.

It’s because the sweet babes become squirmy and harder to shoot! lol Little Bowen did not like being on his tummy. And when I tried to shoot him in a bundled up position, he started pushing with his legs. I had some other really cute ideas that we just couldn’t make work. He was three weeks old. It’s amazing how fast they start getting a mind of their own–not to mention some power in those little legs.

This shoot was definitely a learning experience for me . . . but fun still. :)

So did you all have a nice 4th of July weekend? We here in Utah . . . being LDS and all and not celebrating on Sunday, we did our party on the 3rd. Some neighbors gathered together for a bbq and our own fireworks display. And weirdly, it was cold! The high on Friday was 97 degrees and Saturday it was 77 degrees! Crazy! Nice though. I’d rather have to put a jacket on (which I did!) than be sweating. We’ve had too many 4th’s with close to 100 temps, so this was a pleasant change.