I’ve been trying to take some photos of this newborn babe for two days now! It got all cloudy yesterday morning so taking photos in natural light was out of the question.Today started out sunshiney. One shot was going to be on the bed in their home. It faces east and the morning sun was up. As I walked over to their home, I could see tons of dark clouds in the south, but blue sky where we were and to the west.

Looking good.

They were getting everything together–making the bed, getting the boys ready, ironing a shirt, changing a diaper. Okay, let’s go. Um . . . CLOUDS! Right in front of the mountains.

I did take a few shots of the baby, but since the lighting was off I didn’t want to take the actual shot with the whole family. But I did move the baby up on the bed to where the lighting was good and captured this one with two of the baby’s brothers. I’ll post some more later.

(playing with some different coloring options)

They are such a cute little family!

We’re shooting for sunshiney day on Saturday. Keep your fingers crossed! My house, where I was planning on doing a bunch of the newborn shots, faces east too. Won’t work there either. I think I need to get some kind of diffused lighting because I can’t always rely on natural light. ;) I am so excited to do this shoot!

I also tried my something new today. While I have shot in RAW before, I never used them because CS2 couldn’t handle RAW . . . but CS4 can! I’m going to make a habit out of that when shooting “professionally” now. If you’re not sure about the difference between RAW and JPG, the simplest way to explain is that when the camera creates a JPG, it takes all the information about your photos and compresses it to make one file. It decides how all that information is handled and saves it that way. With RAW it essentially keeps all the components of the photo–like contrast, color, etc.–as separate pieces of information allowing more control over the information that makes up the photo. If that makes sense . . . that’s my lame-brain explanation. lol

My “learn something new” yesterday was using Fireworks (no, not the 4th of July kind) to create a Flash compilation of some photos. Just tested it yesterday. But I also started to make some photo banners to flash through. Maybe you’ll see them soon. ;)

Love learning how to do things! Very exciting.