So finally, no clouds and I could shoot this cute little baby!





[Okay, so this one above isn’t my favorite necessarily, but it’s a nice setting. He was a little squirmy and would wiggle his way down in. And I’m trying to figure out the whole “keep ’em decent” thing. ;) ]


Thanks to my cousin Tia for borrowing me some of her props too. ;) They worked nicely in combination with some things I had in my home.

Having never photographed a newborn–or infant even, my “learn something new” for that day was:
To photograph a newborn, you need to do it before they are two weeks old.

I saw a photographer or two that mentioned they needed to shoot their newborn shots within the first two weeks. I just thought it was because they wanted a true newborn photo and to schedule accordingly.

Uh uh.

It’s because the sweet babes become squirmy and harder to shoot! lol Little Bowen did not like being on his tummy. And when I tried to shoot him in a bundled up position, he started pushing with his legs. I had some other really cute ideas that we just couldn’t make work. He was three weeks old. It’s amazing how fast they start getting a mind of their own–not to mention some power in those little legs.

This shoot was definitely a learning experience for me . . . but fun still. :)

So did you all have a nice 4th of July weekend? We here in Utah . . . being LDS and all and not celebrating on Sunday, we did our party on the 3rd. Some neighbors gathered together for a bbq and our own fireworks display. And weirdly, it was cold! The high on Friday was 97 degrees and Saturday it was 77 degrees! Crazy! Nice though. I’d rather have to put a jacket on (which I did!) than be sweating. We’ve had too many 4th’s with close to 100 temps, so this was a pleasant change.