Our cat plays “fetch”.

Is this normal? Having never owned an indoor cat, this concept is new to me. I mean, I always felt like our cat thought he was a dog–sleeping on his back and such. But now he plays fetch?

Last night I probably spent 20-30 minutes each at three different times throwing his mouse and he’d bring it back to me . . . running like a crazy cat–off me, the bean bag, the couch, the side of the coach . . . parkour style. And he’d come back the same way. It was the funniest thing. And obviously it wasn’t a fluke either since he did it at more than one time.

This cat is also cat-like in that he wants attention when he wants attention. So when everyone is gone in the morning, he’ll cuddle up with me in when I’m sitting in my office chair. It’s kind of his “thing” and he doesn’t do it at any other time or any other place. And of course it can’t be in my lap . . . he has to come up on my chest and be by my head and I have to lean back for him to be really comfortable. No one ever sees it because once he hears another noise, he’s off.

Same thing with fetch last night. I was home alone doing this with him. I felt like it was that whole “If a tree falls in a forest and no one’s there to see it, does it make any noise” scenario.

I’m glad Dan came home and the cat decided to play fetch again so he could see I wasn’t making it up. lol It was really funny.

All you cat lovers out there . . . is this normal?

Now on another note, Caroline and Susy and anyone else out there wondering the same thing about me creating more downloadable art. I’ve been pondering many a-things and unfortunately for y’all, we’ll just have to leave it at that for right now. Gonna have to leave ya hangin’. :)You guys are so sweet to be so supportive like that. I do miss creating images though.