the “sidenote” tag kit

August 30th, 2010|digital shapes|

Having a wee bit of fun today. This kit is about as versatile as they come!

Price: $5
This is how it comes:

There are twelve SideNotes to choose one and each one has FOUR color choices! Sahhh-weet! One thing to note, because the SideNotes themselves (just the phrases) don’t do you any good as a cut file, there are no SVG/DXF files for them . . . only JPG/PNG. However, all GSD files are there because they can be used as Print & Cut for Silhouette. Cricut users, Pazzles users, “etc. cutter” users, just print the JPG/PNG in the needed size and trim.Cut the tag shapes as you would normally.

These are the perfect little creative element to your pages . . . 3-dimensional and everything. Just a little SideNote, if you will, to your page title. Punch a hole on either side–or both sides–and attach it to your page like you would any other tag or leave it as is. Did I say this was versatile or what? ;)

And we are having a bit of fall weather today too!

Lovely cool temps . . . the high is 68.


Windows open.

Some breeze now and then.

Absolutely loving it!

the friday freebie

August 27th, 2010|freebies, pages|

Here it is folks!

Just a simple little label, but it’s my new favorite shape . . . as you can tell from the link to the Design Store on the right. Just a great addition to anything you’re making–a card, page . . . whatevah. Here’s the LINK to get it.

Okay, so I was suppose to have shared this page in a post yesterday, but gosh darn it, lunch with my besty and an impromptu football game, shopping for art supplies for Kass and entertaining an impromptu swing-by from a nephew put the kabosh into the whole day. How does that happen???

So now not only do you get a post with a freebie, but you get to see a page as well  . . . done in typical ala Kerri-style . . . simple. But it uses two of the new shapes from the kit this week–the flourish and the dandelion. Had to use the dandelion. ;) And made with my favoritist (yeah, it’s a word) cardstock from American Crafts. There’s nothing better to cut with, I tell ya!

a bit of this going on today

August 25th, 2010|Uncategorized|

That’s right. It’s officially back-to-school day for us here in the Bradford house! One brand new high school student and one brand new college student. They were both very excited at starting their new schools. Jordan is now a sophomore in high school and Kass is a freshman in college.

They keep asking me if I feel old and you know what? I really just don’t. :)

the “modern nature” kit

August 24th, 2010|digital shapes|

Man, I was in a quirky mood yesterday! Look what happened to my art for this week’s kit. ;)

And here are some fun things you can do with it too!

If you’ll notice on the flourish border, it has circles in it to kind of carry on the theme of some of the other circles within the kit.

As usual, all images come in in GSD/SVG/DXF/JPG/PNG so you can use it with Silhouette, Cricut, Wishblade, Gazelle, Pazzles, or whatever cutting machine that can handle any of those file formats. Plus, JPG/PNG to add as a digital element. To see all the kits for sale, click HERE or on The Store link at the right.

So, if you’re in a quirky mood now? This is your kit. ;)

one crazy bunch

August 23rd, 2010|photography|

A couple weeks ago I took some pictures of my sister’s family. Curse that early evening light and them having to do it at 6:00. ;)

This was one of my favorites . . .

We did our best to strategically block some of the glaring light. I’m so bummed because I really like the ensemble there. And sadly, the magical Content Aware feature didn’t get rid of the burned out spots like I’d hoped. Urgh. ;) Maybe I’ll see if I can figure out if there’s a better way to fix it with Content Aware. . .

On another note, I was running my girls to the high school and the university to check out class locations. Kass will definitely get her exercise in this semester. Not only is UVU built on the side of a hill, but she has to be from northwest corner clear to the southeast corner in ten minutes . . . and it’s pretty much all uphill! 5th floor even. Can you say stairs?

Uh, we both got our walking and stairs in for today. ;)

the friday freebie

August 20th, 2010|freebies, zach: mission|

I can’t believe this is our last official weekend of summer! The girls both start back to school on Wednesday–Kass at UVU and Jordan in her first year of high school. Well, technically, the sophomores start a day early . . . before all the kids that already know what they are doing start, but I don’t think it’s a full day.

At any rate, soon my house will be fairly quiet once again each day . . . except for Kass who will be in and out living the college life. She’s studying photography and just did her first wedding shoot for her friend that got married. She’s doing a really great job too . . . you can check out her blog she’s just started HERE:

Crazy that it’s school time again!

So here’s the Friday Freebie. Just a cute little negative frame with a little somethin’-somethin’ added to it. Although, as you can see in these examples, it’s very versatile . . . you’re not always stuck with a shape “as is” in the land of digital die cutting. Ain’t that grand???

The files come in SVG/DXF/GSD/JPG/PNG. So they would be really cool for a frame in digital scrapbooking too! To get it, just click on this link HERE.

I also thought I might share a quick little story about my son. If you remember, he is serving his LDS mission in Washington DC, speaking French, and teaching mostly people from West Africa. He’s just loving it! He was recently transferred to Gaithersburg, Maryland and loves it up there . . . I don’t know if it’s because he gets fed by the members almost every day there or what. ;) However, as with any culture, we often eat different foods than other cultures.

This is where the kidney come in.

He had his first bite of kidney for dinner the other day (operative word . . . bite). As he put it, “I ate kidneys yesterday … so now I can say there are 3 things I will not eat … english muffins , zuchinni, and kidney. A member made them for us and I put one in my mouth and about lost it … so gross.” When I asked Zach if he continued to eat it or pushed it away and what the member thought, he said, ” I don’t think she was too offended. She just made fun of me for being white … ” lol I had to remind him that he IS white! lol He truly loves the African people and the culture . . . just not kidneys, apparently. ;)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

the ‘educationish’ kit

August 18th, 2010|digital shapes, pages|

So the problem with doing something like this kit is that I usually have more ideas in my head than should fit into a $5 kit. ;) I think I may need to make a follow-up.


Like I said before, I like to make things that can be used for more than just one particular theme, so any of these–besides the “school is back in session” can be used for anything! For example, while the “this is” text can be used in conjunction with the “school” title, it can also be used when your husband is about to do his death-defying jump of the 20′ cliff into the water, or when your child has just smeared his pudding all over the floor . . . just a fun accent to add to any project, really.The rulers can be used as Print & Cuts with Silhouette, however, it’s not something you can use on other cutters as a Print & Cut. But, they are simple in design so the JPG/PNG can be printed and easily cut by hand, so all is well. :)So I thought I’d try something new just to show you how versatile the kits are. Not only can you use them for diecuts, but you can use them to create a digital page like this:

I used a distressed blue background from Jessica Sprague’s Echoes of Asia–can’t remember where I picked that up from. But then I chose a shade of blue and colored the alphabet background to make it look like all one “piece of paper.”

The “School” title, ruler and apple all come from this kit as well. The August Twenty Ten comes from the Twenty10 kit. The “happy” definition and the flourishes come from House of 3–the flourishes come from the Vitamin B kit . . . and I erased the little bike riders too.

Okay, so that was actually a lot of fun to make!

Now for the contest! I appreciate all of your efforts to reach 200 Followers. It’s fun to see it grow. I know that many of you “follow” the blog without actually “following” too  . . . and that’s okay . . . I do the same thing. ;)

I just also wanted to say how much I appreciate all of your comments and support over this new venture! I thought it was funny that Amy13 said, “I’m so grateful that us contra-banders (Cricut) can now take advantage of your uber talent…cause I’ve about worn out my Graphically Speaking cart.” Thanks for that comment Amy. I feel like I’ve now become an “equal opportunity digital shape maker.” That makes me happy. :)

So the three winners are:
Rebecca said…
I just signed up as your 85th follower. Good luck with getting to 200!
kathy said…
love all the new projects you are making…..have been missing your posts at silhouette….glad i found you here!
Katrina said…
HI Kerri!!! Awesome talent girl…so glad I found you thru Nichol M! I am following and I am going to post this on Facebook and my blog also!! hugs, Katrina
Congratulations girls! E-mail me at and I will send you the kit!
. . . stay tuned for the page . . . 

last week

August 17th, 2010|Uncategorized|

So yeah, last week was crazy fun. Spent three days in the mountains with my girlfriends and their daughters–Lisa Bearnson, Brecken and Sage, and Kristy Banks and Alix. And I spent one day at a mountain park for our family reunion. Loved having practically a whole week in the mountains. It was wonderful!

Here’s a little visual snippet of my week.

We all walked down to the lake. Or wait, I ran back up to get Lisa’s car and drove it down so we (I???) wouldn’t have to walk up that long hill to get back to camp–and picked up a few kids on my way down that were a little tired of walking. lol
Alix, Brecken, Krisha and Sage out on some rocks in the lake.
Kristy, Lisa and me. Yeah, it was really bright out there. 
Alix was having some fun feeding the ducks–with the bread that wasn’t moldy.
(sorry Lisa–had to say that. lol)

I’m not saying who’s leg is who’s here.
Let’s just say one of us hasn’t been outside much this summer . . . obviously.
Now, before you all get freaked out that Jordan was trying to feed that deer some carrots (lol), they were obviously not afraid of people in the camping grounds. We were sitting on the picnic tables making bracelets (thanks Kristy!) and this mamma and baby were just casually eating around us. Jordan even got up and walked over to the other picnic table to grab a couple carrots there and they didn’t even flinch at the movement. If I’d have thought there was any danger, I wouldn’t have let her try that. The mamma didn’t really care about the carrots anyway and never came over.
So then Saturday was our reunion. We had it up at South Fork park up Provo Canyon (take a right at Vivian Park and head up the other canyon that way–for you locals). It was GORGEOUS up there! This was our view from the pavilion:
There’s a little stream that circles along the whole park even. 
Lots of water to play in, family to visit with, fun to be had.
Losing her balaaaaance . . . but just hung on.
A little creek adventure. Sorry, it was shadowy.
So speaking of water, there was a bit of this going on:
We also had a candy launcher for the kids. Loved this photo of little Crystal launching the candy. Great form there. Oh, and that’s my husband Dan on the left and brother Dan on the right. It’s really weird how you get multiple names in one family.
Just a really great week. Loved spending so much time outdoors with friends and family. What fun!

Today will be your last chance to enter to win the new Educationish kit coming out tomorrow, so make sure you get entered to win in Friday’s post HERE.

the “for you” kit

August 16th, 2010|digital shapes|

Taking a slight detour here. Decided that whipping up a few cards might be a fun idea before the educationish kit (yeah, it’s a word).

So here’s a basic kit of four cards and an envelope. Cards can be used with a right-side opening or turned for a bottom-side opening.

All files come in GSD, SVG, DXF and a JPG for a visual. You can use this with Silhouette, Cricut, Klick-n-Kut, Wishblade, Gazelle . . . or any cutting machine that can use those file types.

Price: $5

And just because I’m such a nice girl ;)
here’s a little peek at the Educationish kit!

And don’t forget to enter in the post below for a chance to win this kit when it goes up for reals! (Probably Wednesday) 
Be sure to share it with all your friends too.
Think we can get 90 more Followers by Wednesday? :)

the friday freebie & GIVEAWAY

August 13th, 2010|freebies|

Here’s a great little freebie for today. A very versatile birthday card. You can never have too many of these, eh? ;)


To download the file, just click HERE. By the by, this is only a cut file–with a JPG for a visual, but no need for a PNG .

So I want to know, how many of you guys like to play games?

I like to play games. Would y’all like to play along? 

I would like to see if I can reach 200 Followers with YOUR help. 

Just share this post with all your Cricut/SVG, Silhouette, Other Cutter and digtal crafting friends. Tell them they need to come get all these freebies for themselves and become a Follower while they’re at it.

“And what do we win?” you might ask. 

Well, how about next week’s digital kit! It’s gonna be so cool . . . so cool for school too! It’ll be education-ish-oriented, however, I like to make my stuff very universal, so trust me when I say, you’ll be able to use these shapes for just about anything!

I’m giving away THREE kits too!

Just leave a comment in today’s post
 and I’ll draw a winner when I post the new kit (should be the first part of the next week).

So spread the word . . . I like lots of people when I play . . . I like having oodles and oodles of fun . . . and it’s my life-long pursuit to play as much as possible–especially here on this blog! So the more the merrier! AND, if y’all surprise me and we go over 200? There’s no telling what I’ll do. :)

Now, about the camping thing.

The last few days I spent with Lisa Bearnson and Kristy Banks and all of our daughters doing our second annual all-girls camping trip up American Fork Canyon. We had a great time *ehem* “camping”.

Yeah, yeah…those of you who mock me for coming home to shower. . . ;)

In my defense, it wasn’t my intent to come home each morning and shower. However, Kass didn’t go up with us the first day because she had something that night, so I was planing on taking her up after my class the second night. Well, we’re pretty much early risers at my house and so while I was laying still in my bed in Kristy’s camper at 6:30 in the morning, it seemed silly for me not to just run down and get Kass so she could have the day up there while they all were sleeping in. That’s how that came about the first time.

The second time occurred because after we were heading up to the canyon after my web design class Wednesday night (Jordan came home with me for a couple hours during that), I got a call from Lisa saying they actually had the spot for an extra night and do we want to stay. Well, since I was about at the mouth of the canyon, I wasn’t going to turn around and go back at 9:00 at night to get extra stuff for another day. Hence, the next morning we came down again, showered, and went back up.

There. There you have it. I didn’t intend to be “fresh” every day, but it worked out that way. And besides, Lisa and Kristy both have showers in their trailers and could shower too. It was nice that we weren’t going to be the only stinky ones in camp. ;)

But really, we had such an awesome time just eating, playing games, sitting outside and all that the great outdoors can bring ya. Those girls are so amazing . . . and their daughters are just as amazing. Great fun!

I’ll share a few pics next week.

Don’t forget to spread the word and have a FABulous weekend!

[This contest is now closed.]