the “sidenote” tag kit

Having a wee bit of fun today. This kit is about as versatile as they come! Price: $5 This is how it comes: There are twelve SideNotes to choose one and each one has FOUR color choices! Sahhh-weet! One thing to note, because the SideNotes themselves (just the phrases) don't do you any good as a cut file, there are no SVG/DXF files for them . . . only JPG/PNG. However, all GSD files are there because they can be used as Print & Cut for Silhouette. Cricut users, Pazzles users, "etc. cutter" users, just print the JPG/PNG in the [...]

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the friday freebie

Here it is folks! Just a simple little label, but it's my new favorite shape . . . as you can tell from the link to the Design Store on the right. Just a great addition to anything you're making--a card, page . . . whatevah. Here's the LINK to get it. Okay, so I was suppose to have shared this page in a post yesterday, but gosh darn it, lunch with my besty and an impromptu football game, shopping for art supplies for Kass and entertaining an impromptu swing-by from a nephew put the kabosh into the whole day. [...]

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a bit of this going on today

That's right. It's officially back-to-school day for us here in the Bradford house! One brand new high school student and one brand new college student. They were both very excited at starting their new schools. Jordan is now a sophomore in high school and Kass is a freshman in college.They keep asking me if I feel old and you know what? I really just don't. :)

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the “modern nature” kit

Man, I was in a quirky mood yesterday! Look what happened to my art for this week's kit. ;) And here are some fun things you can do with it too! If you'll notice on the flourish border, it has circles in it to kind of carry on the theme of some of the other circles within the kit. As usual, all images come in in GSD/SVG/DXF/JPG/PNG so you can use it with Silhouette, Cricut, Wishblade, Gazelle, Pazzles, or whatever cutting machine that can handle any of those file formats. Plus, JPG/PNG to add as a digital element. To see [...]

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one crazy bunch

A couple weeks ago I took some pictures of my sister's family. Curse that early evening light and them having to do it at 6:00. ;)This was one of my favorites . . . We did our best to strategically block some of the glaring light. I'm so bummed because I really like the ensemble there. And sadly, the magical Content Aware feature didn't get rid of the burned out spots like I'd hoped. Urgh. ;) Maybe I'll see if I can figure out if there's a better way to fix it with Content Aware. . . On another note, [...]

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the friday freebie

I can't believe this is our last official weekend of summer! The girls both start back to school on Wednesday--Kass at UVU and Jordan in her first year of high school. Well, technically, the sophomores start a day early . . . before all the kids that already know what they are doing start, but I don't think it's a full day. At any rate, soon my house will be fairly quiet once again each day . . . except for Kass who will be in and out living the college life. She's studying photography and just did her first [...]

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the ‘educationish’ kit

So the problem with doing something like this kit is that I usually have more ideas in my head than should fit into a $5 kit. ;) I think I may need to make a follow-up.   Like I said before, I like to make things that can be used for more than just one particular theme, so any of these--besides the "school is back in session" can be used for anything! For example, while the "this is" text can be used in conjunction with the "school" title, it can also be used when your husband is about to do [...]

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last week

So yeah, last week was crazy fun. Spent three days in the mountains with my girlfriends and their daughters--Lisa Bearnson, Brecken and Sage, and Kristy Banks and Alix. And I spent one day at a mountain park for our family reunion. Loved having practically a whole week in the mountains. It was wonderful!Here's a little visual snippet of my week.We all walked down to the lake. Or wait, I ran back up to get Lisa's car and drove it down so we (I???) wouldn't have to walk up that long hill to get back to camp--and picked up a few [...]

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the “for you” kit

Taking a slight detour here. Decided that whipping up a few cards might be a fun idea before the educationish kit (yeah, it's a word). So here's a basic kit of four cards and an envelope. Cards can be used with a right-side opening or turned for a bottom-side opening. All files come in GSD, SVG, DXF and a JPG for a visual. You can use this with Silhouette, Cricut, Klick-n-Kut, Wishblade, Gazelle . . . or any cutting machine that can use those file types. Price: $5 And just because I'm such a nice girl ;) here's a little [...]

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the friday freebie & GIVEAWAY

Here's a great little freebie for today. A very versatile birthday card. You can never have too many of these, eh? ;)   To download the file, just click HERE. By the by, this is only a cut file--with a JPG for a visual, but no need for a PNG . So I want to know, how many of you guys like to play games? I like to play games. Would y'all like to play along?  I would like to see if I can reach 200 Followers with YOUR help.  Just share this post with all your Cricut/SVG, Silhouette, Other [...]

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