Okay, all you Photoshop fans out there . . . and to all you who want Photoshop. This is going to make you need PS5. Did you know that Photoshop can now do magic?

Watch this video on their new Content Aware feature and you will be amazed!

Holy freakin’ cow!

And guess who has this program in her hot little hands. ;) I currently have CS4 (Illustrator and PS), but this new Content Aware feature? Had. To. Have. I probably wouldn’t have gotten PS5 if I didn’t have a really good connection. “I know a guy.”

When I told Zach about it, he replied with, “Oh great. Now everyone will think they can be a photographer.” He says that about digital SLRs too. Um, he seems to forget that’s how he was able to become such a great photographer! No way we could have afforded to have him learn cameras with film.

Gotta love technology . . . especially SLRs and Photoshop. :)

I’m going to try this for myself soon and will post my own findings and let y’all know how it worked.

Oh, and speaking of all things good in technology land, go check out Nichol Magouirk’s video today! She’s in front of the camera showing off what she’s using this week! I love this girl! And we’ve never met! She is the queen of all things good in the paper crafting world. She just amazes me! So I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to “see” her for reals . . . not just a photo! One day my friend . . . one day . . . we will hang out!

AND, if you didn’t catch Nichol’s sneak peeks of the pages she did using the free shapes I’ve made available on my blog the past couple weeks, go check them out HERE. I did say just how much I love her, right? :)