the CUTEST little family

Okay, so they aren’t a “little” family, but they were so fun to photograph!

Did you notice how many little ones are in this photo??? Uhhh yeah, I think there are 14 kids 6 and under! Not the easiest thing to do to get them all to smile *ehem* perfectly at the camera at same time . . . much less LOOK at the camera at the same time. I think I may be doing some Photoshop head swapping. :)

(And yes, I realize that I didn’t see the pink jacket hanging over the bar in the background. You try seeing that when you’re trying to make everyone–particularly the kids–look at you. lol Good thing I have that new CS5 with that Content Aware feature.)

As many of you may know, there are these three little boys in this picture that are just part of our family (the fourth boy–and newest member–I photographed a little while ago HERE). They love sitting with us during church and Dan loves to rough and tumble with them–outside of church. In fact, as I was talking with many members of their family on Sunday, the boys’ mom & dad did tell us that we get the boys if anything should ever happen to them. I have witnesses. ;)

Oh, and I just need to share one little story. One afternoon I was sitting outside on the front lawn with my girls. The boys, who live kind of kitty-corner from us came over to visit. While they were there, our resident hummingbird was flying around. We laid down on the lawn and watched it for a while in the top of our tree. I said we should get binoculars and the oldest boy ran back home to grab his and we grabbed ours. I think we sat and talked and watched the hummingbird for about a half hour. Simple times.

Our family is destined to watch over those boys as they grow up. I had them in nursery at church, Kassidy has one of them now as a teacher for the three-year olds and I’ve just been recently put in as Primary Secretary (one of four leaders over the children in our local church/ward program).

And do you want to know what a small world this is? The girl sitting center-left and her husband and boy up and to the right of her lived in Alabama and know Dan’s sister and family. She was a Young Womens’ leader (the 12-18 year old girls program) with their girls. Now they live within a few blocks of us.

Crazy, right?

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