Okay, so my day started of at 5 a.m. this morning. It had been storming through the night, heard it raining from time to time, but then the thunder started rolling in.

It got louder….

and louder…

and louder…

Dan gets up and shuts the window and two minutes later . . .

the BIGGEST FLASH-BANG EVER! Scared the blankety-blank out of all of us!

So we watched that for a while. Of course I coudln’t go back to sleep, so I went down to do a little work.

Then I get a text at 8:15 from a dear friend who’s son just got his mission call. He’d run down to the post office to get it this morning!

Then, my missionary son e-mails earlier than I thought because they had transfers today, and he’s finally in a brand-new area–in the Gaithersburg (MD) area. There are only three areas for these Frenchie missionaries, and now, as he put it, “its alot more open and green and nice and open and green and nice.”

Oh, and tonight I’m taking a Web Design class from the local university’s continuing education program. Thrilled about that!

Exciting things are a-happenin’.

Can you handle one more?

I’m trying something new.

I’m selling shapes right here on my blog now! 

That’s right. You heard me! You can use them for your digital cutters as well as there are PNG and JPG files.

Wanna see the kit for this week? 

(You know that’s a rhetorical question, right?)


I had to make the stand-alone version of the notebook paper black and blue lines . . .
just because I know we ALL need a little variety. :)


Let’s see some of the shapes in action, shall we?

I’m very excited about this!

My goal is to have one kit or grouping each week . . . that’s my goal. Can’t make any promises, so don’t hold me to it. lol

And don’t worry. I am still going to continue offering free shapes, because gosh darn it, I think the word “free” is one of the sweetest sounding words in life. And what better way is there to make your week fabulous than to have something for FREE.

I’m using PayPal, so you should be able to choose from a plethora of payment types.