Here’s a great little freebie for today. A very versatile birthday card. You can never have too many of these, eh? ;)


To download the file, just click HERE. By the by, this is only a cut file–with a JPG for a visual, but no need for a PNG .

So I want to know, how many of you guys like to play games?

I like to play games. Would y’all like to play along? 

I would like to see if I can reach 200 Followers with YOUR help. 

Just share this post with all your Cricut/SVG, Silhouette, Other Cutter and digtal crafting friends. Tell them they need to come get all these freebies for themselves and become a Follower while they’re at it.

“And what do we win?” you might ask. 

Well, how about next week’s digital kit! It’s gonna be so cool . . . so cool for school too! It’ll be education-ish-oriented, however, I like to make my stuff very universal, so trust me when I say, you’ll be able to use these shapes for just about anything!

I’m giving away THREE kits too!

Just leave a comment in today’s post
 and I’ll draw a winner when I post the new kit (should be the first part of the next week).

So spread the word . . . I like lots of people when I play . . . I like having oodles and oodles of fun . . . and it’s my life-long pursuit to play as much as possible–especially here on this blog! So the more the merrier! AND, if y’all surprise me and we go over 200? There’s no telling what I’ll do. :)

Now, about the camping thing.

The last few days I spent with Lisa Bearnson and Kristy Banks and all of our daughters doing our second annual all-girls camping trip up American Fork Canyon. We had a great time *ehem* “camping”.

Yeah, yeah…those of you who mock me for coming home to shower. . . ;)

In my defense, it wasn’t my intent to come home each morning and shower. However, Kass didn’t go up with us the first day because she had something that night, so I was planing on taking her up after my class the second night. Well, we’re pretty much early risers at my house and so while I was laying still in my bed in Kristy’s camper at 6:30 in the morning, it seemed silly for me not to just run down and get Kass so she could have the day up there while they all were sleeping in. That’s how that came about the first time.

The second time occurred because after we were heading up to the canyon after my web design class Wednesday night (Jordan came home with me for a couple hours during that), I got a call from Lisa saying they actually had the spot for an extra night and do we want to stay. Well, since I was about at the mouth of the canyon, I wasn’t going to turn around and go back at 9:00 at night to get extra stuff for another day. Hence, the next morning we came down again, showered, and went back up.

There. There you have it. I didn’t intend to be “fresh” every day, but it worked out that way. And besides, Lisa and Kristy both have showers in their trailers and could shower too. It was nice that we weren’t going to be the only stinky ones in camp. ;)

But really, we had such an awesome time just eating, playing games, sitting outside and all that the great outdoors can bring ya. Those girls are so amazing . . . and their daughters are just as amazing. Great fun!

I’ll share a few pics next week.

Don’t forget to spread the word and have a FABulous weekend!

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