last week

So yeah, last week was crazy fun. Spent three days in the mountains with my girlfriends and their daughters–Lisa Bearnson, Brecken and Sage, and Kristy Banks and Alix. And I spent one day at a mountain park for our family reunion. Loved having practically a whole week in the mountains. It was wonderful!

Here’s a little visual snippet of my week.


We all walked down to the lake. Or wait, I ran back up to get Lisa’s car and drove it down so we (I???) wouldn’t have to walk up that long hill to get back to camp–and picked up a few kids on my way down that were a little tired of walking. lol
Alix, Brecken, Krisha and Sage out on some rocks in the lake.
Kristy, Lisa and me. Yeah, it was really bright out there.
Alix was having some fun feeding the ducks–with the bread that wasn’t moldy.
(sorry Lisa–had to say that. lol)


I’m not saying who’s leg is who’s here.
Let’s just say one of us hasn’t been outside much this summer . . . obviously.
Now, before you all get freaked out that Jordan was trying to feed that deer some carrots (lol), they were obviously not afraid of people in the camping grounds. We were sitting on the picnic tables making bracelets (thanks Kristy!) and this mamma and baby were just casually eating around us. Jordan even got up and walked over to the other picnic table to grab a couple carrots there and they didn’t even flinch at the movement. If I’d have thought there was any danger, I wouldn’t have let her try that. The mamma didn’t really care about the carrots anyway and never came over.
So then Saturday was our reunion. We had it up at South Fork park up Provo Canyon (take a right at Vivian Park and head up the other canyon that way–for you locals). It was GORGEOUS up there! This was our view from the pavilion:
There’s a little stream that circles along the whole park even.
Lots of water to play in, family to visit with, fun to be had.
Losing her balaaaaance . . . but just hung on.
A little creek adventure. Sorry, it was shadowy.
So speaking of water, there was a bit of this going on:
We also had a candy launcher for the kids. Loved this photo of little Crystal launching the candy. Great form there. Oh, and that’s my husband Dan on the left and brother Dan on the right. It’s really weird how you get multiple names in one family.

Just a really great week. Loved spending so much time outdoors with friends and family. What fun!

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  1. Rhadonda August 17, 2010 at 3:34 pm

    Wow the country is so beautiful where you live. What a blessing. Family fun. What a great time. Life is good!

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