Here it is folks!

Just a simple little label, but it’s my new favorite shape . . . as you can tell from the link to the Design Store on the right. Just a great addition to anything you’re making–a card, page . . . whatevah. Here’s the LINK to get it.

Okay, so I was suppose to have shared this page in a post yesterday, but gosh darn it, lunch with my besty and an impromptu football game, shopping for art supplies for Kass and entertaining an impromptu swing-by from a nephew put the kabosh into the whole day. How does that happen???

So now not only do you get a post with a freebie, but you get to see a page as well  . . . done in typical ala Kerri-style . . . simple. But it uses two of the new shapes from the kit this week–the flourish and the dandelion. Had to use the dandelion. ;) And made with my favoritist (yeah, it’s a word) cardstock from American Crafts. There’s nothing better to cut with, I tell ya!