In light of a little thread going on over at Two Peas, I thought perhaps I might share a little step-by-step on how to access the Silhouette GSD files from me or any other GSD source–not purchased through Silhouette.

One note to remember, the GSD files that outside sources make to use with Silhouette cannot be used in the My Library software that comes with Silhouette. The GST files that Silhouette sells are proprietary in that they can only be used with their software–through My Library.

To easily peruse and access GSD files that you have purchased via outside sources (like me ;) ), open a new document in Robomaster and click File/Thumbnail Browser.

Then you’ll see this screen (below). Choose the directory where your GSD files are located and the thumbnails of all the GSD images in the directory will display. I would keep all my GSD files in one directory. However, you could also sort the files by creating additional directories. For example, create directories called Nature, Birthday, Travel, Phrases, etc. (In my example I have them separated the way I need them for what I do with selling them–so don’t go by that.)

Next, click on the needed image and voila! You are good to go!

I hope this helps all you Silhouette fans. :)