I’m glad you are all enjoying this kit! It’s been soooo much fun to make. Okay, so maybe frustrations have occurred, but that’s more because I need a new computer. Where’s my new Mac? ;)

Okay, so due to my current methods of distribution along with the magnitude of this kit, I’ve had to make some alternate file-saving choices so I can still e-mail the files to you once you’ve purchased the kit. You will be getting two e-mails with attachments for this kit. The one file has the composite PNG files (explained below) and the other file has everything else. Both files still come in zipped format, so use something like WinZip or Stuffit to extract/open the zipped file.

Normally my kits consist of SVG/DXF/JPG/PNG. This kit will have no JPGs, just PNGs. Also, I needed to keep the file size trimmed by NOT including the printable items as a Print & Cut for Silhouette. Sorry. But almost all of the printables are straight cuts anyway, and those that aren’t I made sure would be easy to cut. So all is well.

Here’s what you get:

  • Three printable composite files in PNG format only. These composite filenames start with “tt” to indicate the “This & That” project.
  • One composite file of the cuttable shapes. This composite filename also starts with “tt”.
  • Individual cuttable files named according to their style of shape for easier sorting. These files are made for all uses and are not sized and trimmed for the 7gypsies tray.
  •  The same cuttable shapes as PNG files (no JPGs) for all you digital scrappers.

Due to file size issues, there are no individual files for the printable images with the exception of the ones that aren’t a full image (e.g., “Witches’ Brew”). You can use the Crop tool in your photo editing software with the composite images if you want to use the pieces individually.

The three printable composite files look like this. These files you print on your printer and trim using a paper trimmer or scissors as needed. Most of these are the background pieces for the slots of the 7gypsies tray. In case you need to double-check the sizes, the Print1 file is 7.15″ wide, the Print2 is 6.85″ wide and the Print3 is 6.14″ wide.

The cuttable composite file looks like this, but not in color. This is the file you use with your cutter (Silhouette, Cricut, Wishblade, etc.) to cut your cardstock pieces and layer with the pieces above in your 7gypsies tray.

[Look HERE in yesterday’s for the “all done up” version]

All these pieces–which are again, sized and trimmed perfectly for the tray–are separated into the appropriate cardstock colors. This is how you will see it when you pull it up (sans color) into your cutter software. All you need to do is move the unneeded shapes out of the cutting area and cut.

If you are using SCAL/MTC, sometimes the program adjusts the size of the image. Make sure this file has a width of 7.334″.

I would also recommend double cutting your images by simply copying and pasting the image on top of itself in your cutting software. That way you can be assured a clean cut on these small images. I double cut all the time. Another handy trick would be to use vinyl. It cuts nicely, plus you don’t need adhesive. Just a thought.

These two image examples are also included in your download for your viewing reference ( . .  .Rhadonda ;) ).

Now for just a side note–a little “behind my scenes”, if you will. I didn’t want to go to all the efforts (and money) involved in creating an actual store for my downloads if this wasn’t something that was going to work out. But it appears there are a lot of fans out there and I do see it growing, so I will be looking into store options very soon to make it easier for all of us . . . especially now that I will be making these ginormous kits each month(ish). :)

Thank you all for your amazing support!