It’s heeeeeeeerrrrre . . .
(said in my Poltergeist voice)

Finally! I’m finally done! You know, I’m used to things taking twice as long as I think, but this? Holy cannoli!

But really . . . truly . . . here is my next kit . . .

The This & That: Halloween kit.

This is a doozie of a kit, so it’s more than the usual kits. It’s $15.

I also added some ribbon, string and a plastic spider. Also, on the “13” card, I cut some v-shaped notches on the sides just for some fun and so that it would “hold” the string being wrapped around it. Oh, and that fence in the lower-right corner is only about 1.5″ wide. If you’ll notice, it’s missing the top of one of its posts. Tiny delicate pieces can pull away and come off if you’re not careful, but it’s okay, all if you have to do is glue it together after. However, I liked the broken look for this! Worked out perfectly!

This is a totally fun and unique concept using the 7gypsies Letterblock tray. The kit is comprised of both images for design and background elements as well as cuttable shapes to use with your own digital craft cutter (Cricut/Silhouette/Wishblade/etc.) and cardstock. But, if you don’t have a digital craft cutter, you can use the PNG files to create your elements digitally.

The pieces are backed with a flat magnet so they can be removed and replaced with a new seasonal kit for almost every month of the year! (I just use my paper piercer to catch the lower corner to pull them out.) The next few months are: October = Halloween, November = Gratitude (not necessarily Thanksgiving because we’re not all from the US now are we ;) ), December = Christmas, January = Winter (maybe new year), February = Love.

“But wait, there’s more!”

Each piece has been perfectly sized and/or trimmed to fit within each of the compartments. There is no thought, no sizing, nothing. Just cut away! However, all the cuttable pieces–in their entirety–are also included (for Silhouette/Cricut/etc.). So not only can you use ALL these pieces for this gorgeous tray (7gypsies rock, don’t they?), but you can use them for all your scrapbooking and craft projects too! Saaa-weet!

Putting it together is pretty self-explanatory too because the background pieces only fit in their appropriate squares.One note though, I don’t believe all trays are created equal here. lol There may be some slight adjustments by trimming a hair off a piece or two (or three…) depending on your tray.

I am SOOOO EXCITED about this! 

And not only is it a great home decor item for yourself, but what a great gift it would make too! Christmas is coming, ya know. You buy ONE kit from me (for each month) and then make as many as you need! Of course you’ll need the trays for your friends too. ;) Nichol Magouirk bought her tray HERE. I bought mine at Archivers here in Utah. And I see that 7gypsies sells them on their site too HERE.

I am on the look out for a cool container to house all the pieces too. Of course, some kind of suitcase looking thing that doubles as a home dec piece would be best. Yes? I also need to go buy rod iron stand to set it up on too. I think I’m putting mine on my piano.

Okay, so was it worth the wait? I hope so. :) I thought I’d get it finished yesterday, but yes, it was my birthday yesterday and I decided to play instead.

I’ll be working on the Gratitude and Christmas ones here shortly so you can get a jump on your gift-giving . . . if’n ya like that idea.

Woo hoo! Feels good to be done! :)