Borders are such a quick element to jazz up a page, don’tcha think? When was the last time you used one on a page? If it’s been a while, your challenge is to use this little number! Because heck, you can’t beat an element when it’s free, eh?

[Click HERE to download this shape for free.]

Got big plans for the weekend? We have General Conference this weekend. It’s the time when several leaders of the LDS church gather together and give inspirational talks, making you feel all motivated to be a better person. Eight hours of church on tv over two days. May sound agonizing to some (like my kids when they were young–lol), but it is really uplifting to many. :)

And can you believe it’s OCTOBER today?!?!? I know I can’t! That means just six more months until my son comes home from his mission in Washington DC. Yahoo! Because his mission resides on the Maryland side and they have to stay within their mission boundaries, he can’t go sight seeing on the other side of the Potomac (VA) with the exception of seeing Arlington Cemetery during a group trip. That occurs within the six months before they come home. Last week he told me he got a phone call telling him his trip for that was scheduled for mid-October. Said it hit him like a wall of bricks that he only had six months left. Crazy! Time flies so fast!

And speaking of October, go check out Lisa Bearnson’s new October photo book on her BLOG! It’s soooo cool! And she includes details on how to save 30% on the book too! Fall is my favorite season. I think this is a must-do for me!