Woke up this morning to this:


Kassidy says she’s ready for Christmas. I have a sudden urge to listen to Christmas music today. But shhh . . . don’t tell Dan. ;) It would make my argument better if I knew there were others of you out there already listening to it though. lol

Oh, and by the by, since making a decision was just too complex for me, I decided that I didn’t need to decide and decided to buy both versions of the song. How’s that for decision?

So, my dear friend Heather Lancaster (or rather THE Heather Lancaster as I affectionately refer to her as) is giving away some majorly yummy goodies on her blog today!!! Go check it all out HERE. And become a Follower on her blog too because she does some amaaaazing things that you’ll want to keep checking in on her with.

Here’s a little sneak peek to motivate you to RUN over there! I want some! ;)