this+that: christmas

HO HO HO! The This & That Christmas kit is here!   As I said, I think I was in touch with my inner Dr. Seuss. Got some quirky things going on. :) I did try to refrain from "snow" references on this one for those who don't have a "white christmas" (hey, that makes me in the mood to watch that movie ) . . . but the window did sneak its way in. It's not too obvious though. Here's a few close up shots: Here's a few tips on putting this together: Stack of Presents. All the backing [...]

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technical difficulties

Oh boy. I haven't made a new kit since I got my Mac--and by that I mean, cut and save all the files. Additionally, the new Silhouette Studio does not import files.Result?Back to the PC.Um . . . yeah, that kind of posed a wee bit of a problem in making sure everything was ready to go this weekend.I had every intention . . . and then had high hopes, but alas, the switching of computers did not allow me to complete my tasks in the time at hand.It will be up tomorrow though.I apologize for the delay.I hope you [...]

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so very grateful

thanksgiving is tomorrow. i can hardly believe it. i'm so very grateful for my loving family, my good friends, and all you wonderful readers. i'm grateful for good health. i'm grateful for a son sacrificing two years of his life to preach the gospel. i'm grateful for turkey and stuffing made by the in-laws.i'm grateful for my mac. i am grateful for a distant cousin who has gone to all the work of gathering family history and is just this very minute sharing links to all the family albums. sooooo very excited about that. and what perfect timing during this [...]

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they’re baaaaa-aaack….

Behold, the Cadbury Christmas treats.   These delightful little balls of chocolatey goodness are back in stores.   I need more of these like I need another hole in my head. Let the weight begin.

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quincee’s boutique

If you are a local gal, you might want to check out Quincee's Boutique! This girl's got style!And even if you aren't local-local, but continental-US local, you can do phone orders.She's has sales on Thursdays, so be sure to check out all the details and amazing photos (by Miss Loni Stevens) of all the goodies!Oh, and did I mention she's doing a giveaway??? (hee hee) . . . that's the best part!Go check it out.

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the TUESDAY freebie

As promised, a freebie. I know, it's not Friday, but heck, it's still free, right? ;) Seeing all those sunflowers this fall just made me happy. Hopefully this will make you happy too. To download it, just click HERE. And have you heard the news? Becky Higgins is showing a sneak peek of this year's Project Life. There are two to choose from. Oooooh! Go check it out HERE.

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oh my gosh… it Friday already???Holy cannoli...where does the time go?I have a Friday Freebie in mind, but it will have to wait a day or two....or three? ;)Have a great weekend y'all!

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things i see

eye candy.that's all i have to say about nichol magouirk's pages.check out THIS and THIS.yum.lisa books on sale this month for 50% off?wow.great gift ideas for sure!check it out diggin.these flowers from the house of 3 girls.check out rhonna's and heidi's little being busy.working on a little freelance project....among other things.will be busy, busy for another week or "when the rain it pours" mode.started the christmas kit, but can't work on it full force until after this sorry.grateful for the work is coming, after all. ;)oh yeah, and all three kids' birthdays.i promise, i [...]

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random thoughts this morning

i awoke at 4:30 . .  . curse the time change.i found myself listening to christmas music on pandora this weekend . . . even at 5:00 this's amazing to hear great things from such supportive fans out there. it's so fun to hear just how much fun you're having with the this & that series.after many days of 60+ degree temps--and nay i even say 70 one day (yes, i said "nay")--it's suppose to snow this week. now is it fall?i'm totally digging my new baby, mac. it's like going from looking through film on a window that you [...]

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oh happy day!

I've had that phrase in my head all day. The sun is shining. The temperatures are warm. The leaves are an uber golden color . . . so amazing. (yeah, uber) Nichol Magouirk is giving away an entire year's worth of  the This & That series . . . for which you must go enter to win on her BLOG and see her absolutely AMAAAAAZING page that she made with shapes from the Gratitude kit! I got a Friday Freebie up. You can download it from HERE. Inspired by driving around the past few days. And this little baby found [...]

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