I was asked to take some cast photos of the local high school’s production of South Pacific. Sadly, they did not have the set up for me to play off of and we had to take them outside instead. You might remember THESE from last year. Soooo much fun!

So to add a little flair, I decided it would be fun to make the photos more of a period piece. Take a look at these before and after photos.

Here’s where all the photo tips come in. :)

While this isn’t going to be the final photo to go into the program, it was a favorite of mine and my sister’s. The photo tip here is to always keep the camera rolling (so to speak). We had taken a few photos and then they started laughing about something and I captured this moment. So much energy and so much fun happening in that one little photo.

Next tip. Notice the white brick behind the bushes there at the top of the left photo. I quickly selected that white area and used Photoshop’s (CS5) new Content Aware feature to automatically just “fill in the blank”, as it were. No more cloning! Oh how lovely!

I wanted to recreate the look of a vintage photo and used these three things:
–a black photo frame by Katie Pertiet at Designer Digitals
–Pool Party and Grandma’s Tap Shoes Photoshop Actions from Totally Rad Actions
(don’t the names just sound cool???)
–a free grungy background to use as a texture overlay to give the photo a worn look

Now, on the grungy background, it originally looked like this:

Yeah, blue. Not such a good tint here. So I changed the tone to black and used the Soft Light layer filter (or whatever it’s called) to just give it a light worn look on the photo.

So . . .  there ya go. Some fun ways to age your photo. Give it a whirl with whatever ya got to work with! Even just changing your photo to black and white and adding the photo frame can instantly “age” your photo.

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