i awoke at 4:30 . .  . curse the time change.

i found myself listening to christmas music on pandora this weekend . . . even at 5:00 this morning.

it’s amazing to hear great things from such supportive fans out there. it’s so fun to hear just how much fun you’re having with the this & that series.

after many days of 60+ degree temps–and nay i even say 70 one day (yes, i said “nay”)–it’s suppose to snow this week. now is it fall?

i’m totally digging my new baby, mac. it’s like going from looking through film on a window that you can’t really tell that’s there to opening it up and looking straight through. it is so sharp and so white my eyes just don’t know how to deal with the visual delight.

having my old monitor sit next to my mac is almost like night and day . . . and i ain’t really speaking that figuratively there.

still trying to work out the difference between a mac and pc and get everything set up just how i like it. it’s gettin’ there.

if anyone knows of a way to make the mouse move faster than the fastest setting, please let me know. i’m used to a quick mouse and when you have this big of a screen and have to move across it this way? oy. but i am totally digging the mouse other than that! it’s ever-so cool.

and it sure does make processing something like this this weekend a complete pleasure.