December 31st, 2010|digital shapes|

this year is over already???
so many changes have happened in our lives this year.
a new ‘of-age’ dating child.
a new college student.
a new legal adult.
a new direction with work.
new friends to share it with here on my site.
i’m grateful for all the wonderful blessings in my life.
i guess if there’s one constant thing in this world it’s change.
i’m excited to see what the year 2011 will bring.
i have such big ideas and grand plans.
my son comes home in april too.

i’ve been thinking about ali edward’s “one little word” and what mine would would be:

this word speaks volumes to me.
i’m on that path and know it will continue on throughout 2011.
i’m excited to learn.
i love figuring things out . . . always have.
can’t wait to see what i’ll be learning this year.
this truly is my year of learning and having new opportunities.
what is your word and what are you excited for in 2011?

Switching gears now . . .To help ring in the in the new year, here’s a new twentyELEVEN kit!

Price: $8

You’ll notice it’s very similar to the twentyTEN kit with a few new things added.
I wanted to make it usable between kits so you can mix and match.  For example, both sets of month abbreviations can be used with both kits.
I also added these little month “bylines” that you can mix around with some different components. They are centered on a line, however, chop off the end you don’t want and customize it for your needs.
Mix up this combo below by just moving the month around for a little different look.
And this style is one of my faves.
All images come in GSD/SVG/DXF/AI for Silhouette, Cricut, Pazzles, etc.,
 as well as JPG/PNG for all you digital scrappers.

I hope you all have a wonderful, healthy and prosperous new year!

P.S. Just letting you know that yes, there will be a Winter kit. Unfortunately I had some complications these past couple weeks–including being down with a bad tooth for a few days–and it has put me behind schedule. I’m hoping to have it up after next weekend. 

In the interim, I’ll be putting my Gratitude kit back into mine until the Winter kit is available. 

I appreciate your patience. 

brrrr . . .

December 30th, 2010|Uncategorized|

With the wild and crazy storm we had all day yesterday and into last night, I thought we might wake up to something like this:

Okay. Not really. We may not have gotten that much snow, but now it’s going to be danged cold! 
That picture is of a snow drift on the road in front of our family farm in Idaho in 1949 with my great grandma standing there. This is one of the amazing photos that a distant cousin shared with us around Thanksgiving. I need to post some more sometime because they are just so awesome. 
Okay, so it’s my family, so they’re awesome to me. ;)

looky, looky . . .

December 29th, 2010|Uncategorized|

Guess what showed up on my doorstep yesterday!

That’s right baby, 
it’s Becky Higgins’ Project Life!

Becky is so brilliant when it comes to organization . . . so it’s no wonder why creating such a wonderful system to help document your life would be right up her alley. I’ve had the privilege of working with Becky from time to time throughout the years and she always has such amazing vision. And she’s absolutely darling to boot. :) Love her.

I have to admit, I didn’t do so well with Project 365. I started off good, but it lasted for about six weeks. Kind of like the new year’s resolutions I always seem to make. But I did take photos that I just looooved and every time I see them I smile because they were a piece of life right before my son left on his mission.

So with this one, I like the idea of documenting things a week at a time, not necessarily an every day photo. Although I do think it’s easier to have a mindset of “I need to take a photo today” so that you’ll remember to take enough photos for the week.

As you might could tell, I got the Turquoise edition. I have to admit . . . I’m a wee bit partial to that one. shhhh . . . little secret here . . . I designed this kit for her.  Okay, so Becky said it on her blog, so it’s not so much a secret. ;) Soooo much fun collaborating with her!

Anyway, if you’re in for a little LIFE this year, go order yourself an Amber or Turquoise version HERE. And I looove the idea that you can order more page protectors!

Thank you Becky for bringing such an amazing system to all us crazy scrapbooking kids.

signed.sealed.delivered . . .

December 27th, 2010|digital shapes|

. . . it’s yours! Okay, well you have to buy it and then it will be yours. ;)

Price: $10

This new envelope kit consists of 4 different styles of envelopes in three different sizes: square, rectangle, and long. You can easily punch or make a circle, add a brad or eyelet, and turn it into a policy-style envelope too (an enclosure with a string).

And then it also includes insets that can be used individually or within the envelope. All you need to do is move the inset shape where you want it on your envelope and then remove the outer circle so that it looks like these top two:

You can back it with patterned paper, a transparency–plain or printed, or just leave it open to reveal what’s inside! Use the year insets for your envelope to hold photos or cds from the year.

And my most favorite thing? The tear-away envelope! I think it adds such a fun little twist to your envelopes. Just add adhesive to the bottom portion–below the tear away. I think it would even be fun to use this style of an envelope in your scrapbooks. Something fun and different. Make it, seal it, “tear it open”, and then put it into your scrapbook. I like.

All the envelopes and insets come in SVG/GSD/DXF and the insets come in JPG and PNG as well.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! Thank you for all the wonderful wishes too! I will have to update y’all on our phone conversation with my boy. Can’t believe he has about 3 1/2 months left!

wishing you all . . .

December 24th, 2010|freebies|

. . . this holiday season.

Your Christmas gift from me . . . okay, so it’s technically a Friday Freebie too. :)
Download it HERE.

Comes in SVG/GSD/DXF/PNG/JPG for Silhouette, Cricut, digital scrapbooking, etc.
Image is all one piece or in individual pieces.

Have a wonderful and
very merry Christmas!

p.s. I get to talk to my boy tonight! A very merry Christmas to me! :)

last chance for the sale!

December 18th, 2010|Uncategorized|

Just giving you one last reminder about the sale I’m having this week . . . it ends tomorrow! So if you wanted to get some of those $5 kits, now would be a good time to do it when can save a buck or two! :)

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what’s that saying?

December 14th, 2010|Uncategorized|

red sky in the morning . . . .

kerri’s delight?

okay, so maybe it’s a little mixed up there.

i can’t remember when the last time was that i just sat and watched a sunrise.
sunsets are a-plenty.

i mean, i’m always up waaay before sunrise, but my behinder is usually planted in front of my computer doing work of some kind.

but today the gorgeous colors of the beckoning sun from behind the soft clouds and our snowcapped purple mountains majesty just caught my eye.

soft purples and pinks turned into rich reds and oranges and soon the sky was emblazoned with a beauty that i rarely ever see.

i sat on my couch and just watched as the colors turned into a soft peach and then faded into a pale pink within a matter of minutes.

how lucky am i to not only live in a world with such beauty,
but get to stop once and a while and just enjoy it.

my life feels enriched this morning.
(just a little reminder about the sale going on right now. check out the details in the post below.)

my very first sale!

December 12th, 2010|Uncategorized|

To show my appreciation for all you wonderful readers out there,
I thought I’d embark on my very first sale!
That’s right!

20% off all $5 kits 
with the exception of the brand new Yuletide Greetings kit 
through next Sunday, December 19.
That’s just $4 a kit baby! 
Now’s the time to stock up on some of those shapes
you’ve just been thinking about getting. :) So, spread the word!

And truly, you are all so amazing and supportive.
So many wonderful people in this world . . . literally.
Fans from Australia, to Vietnam, to Scotland, to Canada and the good ol’ USA.
I am in awe.
(p.s. all those brushes and such in my little ad are from House of 3 . . . loooove those girls!)

the friday freebie: laugh

December 10th, 2010|digital shapes, freebies, zach: mission|

‘Tis the season to be jolly, l o l o lllll…o l…o l

Oh wait, that’s the modern version.

I guess it’s fa la la la laaa . . . la la . . . la la . . .

However you wanna sing it, here’s hoping your Christmas season is filled with laughter.
And to help you capture those moments on a page, here’s the Friday Freebie!

To download it, click HERE.

I also thought I’d share a little update on my missionary boy. He’d been wanting a little change and had been thinking about transferring into the English areas of his mission rather than speaking French. Low and behold, he’s been transferred to an English-speaking area of Washington DC. He shares an apartment with his companion (who’s also from Utah) as well as two elders that are serving a mission doing sign language. I thought that was really cool and told him that they need to teach each other their respective languages. I also told him he better not lose his French!

He’s in the Capitol Hill area and said their closest library to e-mail from was the Library of Congress. Now that’s a library! lol

We are getting down to the wire-ish. He comes home in about four months so we’re all getting excited to have him back. We get to talk to him for Christmas and we are all looking forward to that! Okay, maybe me more so than everyone else. ;)

Anyway, Kass is out of college for the semester and next week is Jordan’s last week of school before the break. WHAT?!?!? I can’t believe Christmas is coming so danged fast!

Uhh, guess I’d best get some shoppin’ done soon!

Have a wonderful weekend!

yuletide greetings kit

December 8th, 2010|digital shapes|

For the past couple months I have been listening to Christmas music. It’s kind of like a favorite food you haven’t had for months . . . you just have eat it up while it’s around . . . kind of like the Christmas (and Easter) Cadburry chocolate . . . for which I’ve just eaten waaaay too much.

There are a handful of Christmas songs that will be forever my favorite. Top of the list, of course, is Nat King Cole’s “The Christmas Song”. Then, Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” is just about in the same spot. And Andy Williams’ “It’s the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” makes me happy every time I hear it. And anything Ray Conniff is a house pleaser here. Hmm . . . I wonder what I grew up with . . . ;)

So with all of those songs in my head for the past couple months, it’s no wonder why this kit came to life.

(Comes in SVG/GSD/DXF/JPG/PNG for Silhouette, Cricut, digital scrapping, etc.)

I made a wordage Christmas tree last year and it’s one of my most favoritest (yeah, it’s a word) ev-er. So I just felt compelled to do something like it again.

I also like making many of my word shapes so that they can be used all as one piece or to have a complementary color . . . that’s what you see here.

Anywho . . . that about wraps it up for me!

Hope y’all are getting your shopping done. Haven’t even started here. Typical. lol