red sky in the morning . . . .

kerri’s delight?

okay, so maybe it’s a little mixed up there.

i can’t remember when the last time was that i just sat and watched a sunrise.
sunsets are a-plenty.

i mean, i’m always up waaay before sunrise, but my behinder is usually planted in front of my computer doing work of some kind.

but today the gorgeous colors of the beckoning sun from behind the soft clouds and our snowcapped purple mountains majesty just caught my eye.

soft purples and pinks turned into rich reds and oranges and soon the sky was emblazoned with a beauty that i rarely ever see.

i sat on my couch and just watched as the colors turned into a soft peach and then faded into a pale pink within a matter of minutes.

how lucky am i to not only live in a world with such beauty,
but get to stop once and a while and just enjoy it.

my life feels enriched this morning.
(just a little reminder about the sale going on right now. check out the details in the post below.)