Guess what showed up on my doorstep yesterday!

That’s right baby, 
it’s Becky Higgins’ Project Life!

Becky is so brilliant when it comes to organization . . . so it’s no wonder why creating such a wonderful system to help document your life would be right up her alley. I’ve had the privilege of working with Becky from time to time throughout the years and she always has such amazing vision. And she’s absolutely darling to boot. :) Love her.

I have to admit, I didn’t do so well with Project 365. I started off good, but it lasted for about six weeks. Kind of like the new year’s resolutions I always seem to make. But I did take photos that I just looooved and every time I see them I smile because they were a piece of life right before my son left on his mission.

So with this one, I like the idea of documenting things a week at a time, not necessarily an every day photo. Although I do think it’s easier to have a mindset of “I need to take a photo today” so that you’ll remember to take enough photos for the week.

As you might could tell, I got the Turquoise edition. I have to admit . . . I’m a wee bit partial to that one. shhhh . . . little secret here . . . I designed this kit for her.  Okay, so Becky said it on her blog, so it’s not so much a secret. ;) Soooo much fun collaborating with her!

Anyway, if you’re in for a little LIFE this year, go order yourself an Amber or Turquoise version HERE. And I looove the idea that you can order more page protectors!

Thank you Becky for bringing such an amazing system to all us crazy scrapbooking kids.