I thought perhaps today would be a good day for a quick tutorial on how to add your purchased GSD/STUDIO files into the Silhouette Studio.

Open your Silhouette Studio and click on the Show Library icon on the left.

Expand your My Library and highlight My Own Designs.
Or, right click on My Library and create a new folder with a new name.

Click on File/Import to My Library

Pull up the directory where your GSD/STUDIO files have been saved and select the needed file.

From here you can choose Keywords to search by, add a Description, and even name the Artist!
You can also specify what kind of shape it is–a regular cut, a sketch design, etc.

The shape will now be in your directory. 

Now you when you click on My Library, you can enter in any search terms needed to find the shape you’re looking for. For example, say you’re looking for Christmas shapes, if you enter the word “christmas”, it will come up with ALL shapes–Silhouette or other shapes–into the Library window.

And be sure to check out this You Tube video tutorial on how to import multiple files at one time: