what does it mean when two lightbulbs go out in two totally different places when you turn them on within 20 minutes of each other?

why will the cat only go outside at 6:00 in the morning and the rest of the day he shows interest in going out, but when you open the door you can’t kick him out? it’s just too darn cold. but . . . at 6 a.m. . . . it’s okay???

can’t wait to start in on new kits. so many fun ideas in my head!

what is so difficult about putting away a box of cereal? will someone please explain to my kids how to do that?

why is my christmas stuff still up???

have you seen little miss nichol magouirk’s new two peas class? you must check it out! can’t wait to see what visual delight that she’ll bring to our world all year long.

will my office ever be clean again? will my office ever become a real studio? i need something fun and inspiring here.

will we ever redo my son’s room before he comes home in three months? we’ve only had 21 months to do it. nothing like leaving it until the last minute (like we knew we would).

finally got all my silhouette shapes loaded into silhouette studio. ooooh, it looks so pretty. (i think them updating their software fixed whatever glitch i had getting them in there.)

trying out netflix. thinking of canceling cable. as long as we have some programs and movies to watch as well as discovery and history channel programs, i think we’d be fine. any thoughts? any tips on setting it up? lol we only have one wii and more than one tv. need to research all that.

been blaring showtunes on pandora while working. loving that. finding we need to stock up on our showtune library. ‘showtune saturday night’ on the radio just wasn’t cutting it for us anymore.

do i have any more thoughts in my head right now?

don’t think so.

better do some work.